In interior design, the more the number of colours more difficult it is to work out a perfect interior wall colour combination. With millions of shades to choose from, finding the perfect colour combination of the three best colours is always difficult than choosing one or two colours. Some of the best tri-colour combos that give a dynamic and trendy look for your home is given below.

Green + Blue + Violet wall color ideas

Green + Blue + Violet

The combination of interior wall colours with green, blue and violet offer a very modern and contemporary look by making blue and violet as the primary colours with some sprinkle of green tones. Such versatile shades work really well in any room in the house by adding more depth to the space.

Blue + Pink + Beige interior color

Blue + Pink + Beige

The poppy colour combination of pink and blue offers a modern look as interior wall colour along with the soothing tone from beige. More people gravitate towards this colour as it offers wide range of contrast while still maintaining a timeless quality.

Green + Grey + Pink color interior wall paint

Green + Grey + Pink

This interior wall colour combination is inspired by natural accents such as earthy pink, green plants and grey to evoke the feel of natural backyard. This interior wall colour combination is suitable for homes situated in any environment, although it goes really well in homes situated with a lot of natural views. These interior wall colours offers a sense of peace and comfort along with a clean and modern look.

Neutral shades of grey interior

Shades of Grey

Interior wall colours with grey that is paired with other easy neutral shades of grey works well in almost any space. An interior wall colour combination of grey and its shades provide a very calming and warm indoor environment that still feels dynamic and fresh.

Interior wall colour combination ideas

Pink + Turquoise + White

The interior wall colour combination for a high-drama space can avoid the usage of a ton of colours by going with pleasant shades with textures which creates a drama by keeping a calm & neutral palette. These interior wall colours offer rich and moodier tones that provide a fresh and inviting feel with the help of some contrast.

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