Walls are like a canvas on which you can paint and decorate as per your tastes and preferences. Choosing the right wall colour is crucial because it has a huge impact from complimenting other decorative objects in the space to creating a great ambience. A lot of thought goes in while choosing your wall paint because colours are a form of expression and they can create wonderful space which in turn can make your home feel pleasant and cosy.  

Transforming your interior walls with trending wall paints and styles resonating with your tastes and aesthetics will make your home more appealing to the eyes and will make everyone go ‘Wow!’  


Trending wall colors 

Wall colour trends keep changing each year. If you are someone who is planning to give your home a new look with trending wall paint and wondering what colour you should choose for your walls this year, then this blog is for you.  

Blue For Sophistication:  

blue for sophistication wall paint-nippon

Blue is one of the most calming colours of the trending wall colours of 2023. It is an intense colour that is present everywhere. Blue is a subtle shade that can bring sophistication to your room. This colour of nature is all that you need if you want your space to have a cool and light ambience. Shades of blue complement the surrounding hues and majorly give a sense of tranquillity.  

If you are planning to go with relaxing tones that would ease you while sitting in your living room then go with blue. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your living room pleasing with blue. You can pair up Hall Of Fame NP PB 2839 with Pekoe Orange NP YO 2421 T or Evening In Siam NP N 3012 P with Blue Jewel NP BGG 1575 A or Pool Party NP BGG 1600 P with Turkish Tile NP BGG 1590 D. 

Fill Your Home with Warmth and Brightness:   

warm and brightness colour wall paint home interior-nippon

Yellow is a colour of warmth and brightness. No matter if you prefer subtle shades or bold strokes, yellow from Nippon paints will give you the utmost satisfaction. Shades of yellow are best suited for living rooms because they will give a welcoming and cheerful feel elevating your mood. Yellow is a unique colour and will stand out from the other hues. Pair yellow with accent colours to make your walls a center of attraction.  

You can be a lover of vibrant looks or subtle shades, there is a yellow for everyone. It might be a tough grind for you to choose from different shades of yellow for the wall colour. To lessen your work, we have a few suggestions that would work wonders on your walls. When you think your living space needs a vibrancy of yellow then you can paint your living room with Hearth Yellow NP YO 1117 P and Buttercup Bouquet NP YO 1142 D or Austere Yellow NP YO 1112 D with Sweet Deal NP R 1306 P or Royal Pavilion NP YO 2497 A with Silent Bliss NP YO 1166 P. 

Subtle and Comforting Pink: 

subtle and comforting pink colour for home interior-nipponpaint

Pink is a unique trending wall colour that stirs a sense of tranquility. If you prefer to brush your home with subtle shades, then pink is one of the best options for your home. The lighting of the room can have a strong impact on the colour. Based on the lighting, pink can have slight variations. This subtle shade can give a smooth and comforting look to your room. Pink is a good choice for people who prefer having a minimalistic and subtle ambience.  

Painting your room with a trending wall colour like pink can be a good option but you can make it look best when you know which colour to pair with. For living rooms with Lovey Dovey NP R 2306 P with Absolutely Pink NP AC 2077 A or Quiet Hour NP PB 2943 P with Young Violet NP PB 2961 P. You can deck up your room with Sweethearts NP R 1293 P with Airy White NP OW 2272 P. 

Timeless Brown:  

timeless brown wall paint colour for home interior-nipponpaint

In recent times, people have been predominantly preferring earthy tones. Being one of the earthy tones, brown is a colour that can be used both as a main colour and as an accent colour. It creates a warm and welcoming look for your home. While choosing brown for your room take the other colours in the room into consideration and make the decision. Brown can elevate the complete look of the wall by complimenting the other colour it is paired up with. If you know the right tone of brown you need, brown can make your home look enticing and full of spirit. For the living room Silver Needle NP N 3005 P with Tangerine Pee NP YO 2428 D or Sea Jellies NP BGG 2740 P with Brush mark NP N 1875 T for giving your home a timeless look.  


Different colours evoke different feelings. Colours have visual effects and play an important role in creating experiences and perceptions. Your wall paints can make your room look alluring and appealing to your eyes. Choosing the trending wall paint can make your home look contemporary. The right colour and a perfect interior will make you sit and admire your home every day.  


What are the popular wall colours of 2023?  

Most people, in the year 2023, are opting for soft, earthy, and warmer tones. If you are planning to go with the popular tones of 2023, then you can go with Sheer Batiste (NP BGG 1691P), Oak Parquet (NP N 1870D),  Glory Yellow (NP YO 1129T), Silky Veil (NP YO 1137P) Roxbury Brown (NP N 1891D), Gold Dust (NP YO 1146P),  and Orange Bedder (NP YO 1198D) from Nippon Paints.  

What is the newest trend in wall colour 

The new trends in wall paint for the year 2023 focus on giving a warm, natural, cozy, grounded, rich, and energizing look to your room. To keep up with the new trends you can paint your home with serene hues of white or with vibrant shades of yellow, or subtle and earthy tones of pink and brown 

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