Exterior wall paint colours are meant to turn heads in a good way. Gone are the days when the exterior walls were painted with subtle monotones, and neutral shades. From classic combinations to quirky ones, home owners do not hold back today. Depending on the location of the house and the style or taste of the owners, these combinations vary on a drastic level.

However, there are some combinations of exterior wall paints you can never go wrong with and will always remain in style. Apart from the aesthetics and the beauty, exterior wall paints protect the walls and the house from damages that nature may incur. Thus, exterior wall paint colours have to be redone regularly and wise choices have to be made.

The following are the top most preferred colour combination for home exterior painting.

Blue Color Exterior house

Blue and off white

Blue and white is a classic combination and has been found in the exteriors of many celebrity houses. This can be used in any residential area if you prefer subtlety and have an easy-going palette. This can be combined with dark doors with brown or wood shades to not break the aesthetics of the exterior wall paint colours. Nippon’s Bachelor’s Pad (NP PB 1540 A) and Snow White (NP OW 1002 P) is the perfect match for this combination.

Residential Home With Modern orange color paint

Orange and Grey

Although this sounds quirky, orange and grey complement each other perfectly. Grey with any tropical shade works well, but orange tops the list. The best part about this exterior home paint idea is that either of them can be the primary colour and the other one can fit perfectly for the highlights. Nippon Paint India’s Black Smoke (NP N 2037 A) and Orange Torch (NP YO 1204 A) will execute this combination to the utmost beauty as your exterior wall paint colours.

yellow color exterior wall paint

Yellow and Green

Yellow is a chirpy and vibrant colour. It complements both dark and light shades equally. A traditional and popular combination is green, and it can be placed as highlights with yellow creating a joyful vibe as the primary paint for exterior wall. Nippon Paint India’s Bright Smile (NP YO 1155 A) and Green Abyss (NP BGG 1799 A) are the perfect shades to execute this combination as an exterior home paint idea.

Red color Interior wall paint

Red and Grey

Bold colours as a choice for exterior paint colours is quite rare as it may come off as too bright. However, some colour combinations blend so well with the vibe of the house and the surroundings. It all comes down to matching the colours as part of exterior home paint ideas. Nippon Paint India’s Fashion Red (NP R 1274 A) and Hardware grey (NP N 2031 D) are the best exterior wall paint colour choices to execute this combination.

Brown and Cream Color Exterior paint

Brown and cream

Brown as an exterior wall paint colour adds a neutral feel and a warmth to the house. Contrasting shade of cream accentuates its beauty and lets it stand out beautifully. This combination is popular in residential areas all over the world. Home owners can play around with different shades of brown from light to dark as they all complement cream well. Nippon paint India’s Expresso (NP AC 2135 A) and Little Angel (NP N 1824 P) act as the perfect hues for this exterior home paint idea.

Exterior paint colours can also be a blend of more than two colours if you are someone who loves pop of colours. Reach to our experts at Nippon Paint India to know more combinations of paint for your exterior wall.


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