Children’s moods are strongly affected by the colours in their environment, hence choosing the right paint colours for your kids’ room is vital in keeping them cheerful and energised. There have been many pieces of research that had undergone around the world to identify the effects of colours on the kids in the room.

Red room interior color ideas


Red is a highly simulating colour to be chosen as a kid’s room paint. Using red as your kid’s room paint has been shown to energize children, and potentially increase focus. Hence, red is one of the popular colours used in classrooms. Using red alone can sometime be overwhelming for kids, so balancing it out with much cooler colours can be soothing for kids.

Kids room wall paint ideas


Kids room paint ideas with bright and cheerful orange colours can enhance communication amongst children and improves their socialization. Children who play in rooms with orange colour schemes tend to be more cooperative, extroverted, and confident. Too much orange can sometimes have the opposite effect, so pairing it with soft shades of green, lavender, or a neutral cream colour can even bring out the chatty side of a shy child.

Kids room paint ideas with bright and cheerful orange color


Yellow offers a very soothing vibe to any room it is used in. Some studies show that kids who work or learn in yellow rooms benefit from increased concentration and have better memory recall. Kids room paint ideas with yellow can offer a daytime vibe but also affects the sleep of the kids. Hence, painting kids’ rooms yellow and pairing them with grey, blue or green will have a positive impact on the kid’s mind.

Green color kid's room wall painting idea


Green is a very soothing colour to be chosen as a kid’s room painting idea that brings a freshness of nature and outdoor into the room. Some studies indicate that green may increase reading ability, as well as reading comprehension which is why many schools decide on using green in classrooms. Like any other cool colour, the darker shades of green as your kid’s room paint can make it gloomier hence, lighter shades like mint or tea green colours can be soothing to the eyes.

Blue colour interior wall paint color ideas


There is a misconception with kid’s room painting ideas that the blue colour is more suitable for a boy’s room, but researches have shown that both sexes can benefit from being surrounded by calming and reassuring colours like blue. Blue is shown to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and slow the breathing of agitated kids. Going overboard and painting your kids’ room with blue overshoot the calming effect, hence balancing it out with some bright colours like yellow and red can reduce this effect.

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