Designing your home, as fun as it may be, still has to factor in the possibility of guests, family, surprise visits and even pets in some cases. This might end up leaving you overwhelmed and feeling stuck within your own house due to lack of privacy. Imagine having a space that is yours and yours alone. A space that you do not have to share with anyone opposed to your wanting. Well, this dream of yours could be a very real possibility by utilising wall colour combinations, paints and designs to create a paradise specific to you. Lets look at a few ideas to build your very own secret room.  

Secret Room Ideas At Home


The upper part of your home, or the loft, can be used to build your secret room. An extended false being with an access point that can be reached with the help of a ladder is all that you require.  A perfect cozy spot to read your books and enjoy some alone time! Use interesting wall painting designs to help rid any speculation to leave no traces of your under cover mission. Even an attached ladder can be made to look like an aesthetic symbol for your ease.

Behind Book Shelf

Making use of bookshelves to conceal your sectored room is a fictional and elegant way to go about designing your space. It fits in anywhere and is easy to access as and when needed. The shelf itself also gives the rets of your home a sophisticated and posh look.  


Utilise your Wardrobes

Utilising wardrobes as a medium to access your secret room is efficient as well as a foolproof method. With Nippon Paints interior wall paints for homes, it is now easier than every to bring to life your desires. 

Doors Painted to Match your Walls

Wall colour combination that make it impossible to distinguish between doors and the wall is what you should go for. Hidden in plain site, a sliding door right behind your couch at the centre of your home is a daring way to build your room.  

Photo Frames

What better way to hide your secret room than merging it with your decor. A simple and straightforward entry way to access at any time with maximum ease. Who worked have thought secret rooms would be this easy to conceal.

Wall Panels

Vertical paneling is a great way to cover up hidden doors. They merge with the rest of the facade completely leaving no trace of any opening what so ever. They not only help conceal your secret room, but also had a variety of textures and colours to the space keeping it current and contemporary.  

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