With all multinational companies exploiting metropolitan cities of the state, it is obvious the population of these cities keeps increasing. To accommodate this ever-growing population high rise apartments were constructed. But, one of the major drawbacks of metropolitans preferring high rise apartments is the size of the rooms. With more than 100 homes in an apartment, it is obvious the room size would be smaller than the ideal room size.

But, even small size rooms can be made to look spacious than it actually is.  Strategic wall painting opens up even your room with minimal space. Small rooms look confining but certain colours create an optical illusion and make them look spacious than they actually are. Now let me educate you on how to make a small room look bigger using wall paint colours?

Opt for lighter colour Ceiling:


The major reason your rooms look smaller is due to its low ceiling. Low ceiling burdens your room with a cramped look. But, this can be fixed using wall colour paints and decorations. Painting your ceiling with a colour that is lighter than the wall paint colours of the room make your room look bigger; without adding an inch. Colours like eggshell and satin are the best ceiling paint colours for small rooms.



One of the major advantages of white wall paint colour is, it can bounce natural light in your room. The natural light reflected from your white walls gives your room an airy and open appearance. White also reflects the ambient lightings in your room and gives a biggish appearance to your room.

Lighter wall colours:


If you feel white walls is not exactly your type, choosing lighter colour shades like taupe and beige as wall paint colours also help. These lighter colours can also reflect the accent lightings in your room. These colours fool your eyes and make them look spacious than they actually are.

Dark colours:


Dark wall paint colours can be used to make your room look spacious. This may be against popular beliefs, but these colours have the knack to fool our eyes. Dark colours like red and black visually wax and look further away than it really is. Dark wall paint colours in your room appear more spacious and make a small room look bigger.

Using Accent Walls:


An accent wall is the first thing you notice when you enter your home. These walls break the monotonousness of your room, and it looks like a different space altogether from the rest of the room. Accent wall creates optical illusions and makes your room look bigger. Especially, using your end wall as an accent wall and painting it with dark colours gives an illusion of length.

Painting hacks:


Apart from the above-mentioned ways, there are certain painting hacks that will you’re your room look bigger. Painting stripes in your interior walls will enlarge your room size visually. Vertical stripes make your ceiling taller while the horizontal stripes make the eye continue horizontally and visually widen your small room. Painting your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter colour than your walls is another painting trick. This makes your wall look further inside and shows your room bigger than it actually is.

There are so many ways to use colour when staging a home to accentuate the positive features and downplay the defects like size. Use colour wisely like mentioned above to make your rooms look bigger.

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