Purple. The colour of royals. Each shade speaks volumes and has a deep rooted past. Within the vast spectrum of wall paint colour combinations, purple plays an important role is deciding the look and feel of your home. With its own tints and shades that creates a pleasing balance of  colours, and its beautifully placed complimentary tones, you can never go wrong with choosing the right paints. Whether you are looking to create a chic and posh home, rustic or even a perky childs nursery, purple is the go to hue for all your needs. It has the ability to make you feel at home while always pushing at the feel of luxury; relaxed yet energised in another way to describe this concoction between red and blue that offers us with this delightful colour 

Wall Colour Combinations ideas

Living in Purple:

As the darkness of Monet’s Purple (NP PB 1435 A) engulfs you with its over powering presence, it only leaves you calm and clear headed. It showcases power within the space. This particular choice of colour combination for wall paints, that adheres to both your experience as well as the elements placed within is truly gratifying. The boldness of the colour against the softness of a mild pink or lighter hues and tints, gives way of dynamism and play.  

Minimal Diaries

With wall paint colour combinations deciding every part of our day, Phoenician Purple (NP PB 1463 A), is an all time favourite grey-purple combo that gives a sophisticated and well designed look to your home. Paired with gold and bronze, it elevates the space by adding character and elegance to what might otherwise be a monotonous. The metallic finish of its complimentary shades juxtaposed to its own matte finish brings in an element of awe while still maintaining the minimalism and straightforwardness of the existing atmosphere.  

The Royal Narrative

Purples matched with shades and tones of its own making, with similar hues flowing through the furniture pieces as well, brings luxury into your home in a minutes notice. You feel the constant throb and weight of the Painter’s Attic (NP PB 1429 D) with the Bordeau Brown (NP PB 1428 A) and Iris Bouquet (NP PB 1400 A) furniture elements throughout the floor plate. These accompanying colours can even be transferred to wall paints as accents in order to highlight the piping and indentations across the facade.


Mellow Facades

Contrary to many beliefs, lights tones do have the ability to exude luxury. It all lies in the colours you pick to represent your space. Wall paint colour combinations offers an entire range of possibilities, each with its own merits. The mild Dawn Glow (NP PB 1412 P) purple leaves you with a soothing and everlasting aura when used with neutral tones of whites. Rather than a jarring effect, the golds and yellows blend in with the background leaving you with more space for conversation and memories. 

Purple Daze

Picked Plum (NP PB 1415 D) is a unique shade that fills the space in an instant. It is a perfectly adequate shade that does to require anything complimenting it to bloom to its fullest self. Orange, though not a direct complimentary shade, when used again the uniformity of its background, makes sure of creating a certain companionship within the space. The colour in itself goes well with majority of combinations from yellows to greens to oranges leaving you with not much to decide on. It is the perfect blend of blue and red, falling neither into the category of warm or cool tones, ultimately adding to the notion of the ideal facade.   

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