Texture paints have been trending for quite a while now, and classics never go out of fashion. Classic texture paint for home means elevating the appearance of every room in the house. Depending on the size, colour, purpose of the rooms, texture paints for the home can be chosen from a large variety of options. Even if you are someone who does not spend much time choosing a wall paint colour, textures are a great way to add depth and character to the walls and the rooms.

If there is a space that looks dull and you want to elevate it with minimum effort, texture paint is your solution. While natural stones like granite and marble can be expensive, texture paint is an affordable option.

Here are some of the classic texture paint ideas for your 2022 home.

Nippon paint texture paint ideas 2022

Colour wash texture

Colour wash is a simple yet effective way of creating textures on your walls. This provides the walls with different shades of the same wall paint colour, creating a look that looks complex yet minimalistic. This texture paint can be created using a paintbrush for a strong textured effect, while a sponge can create a more subtle and softer look. This texture also saves more time and effort as only one choice of wall paint colour is enough. A soft colour like Braintree Road (NP N 1920 T) can be suitable for closed spaces like bathrooms, while a bold shade like Green Breakers (NP BGG 1632 D) is suitable for rooms with natural light coming in.

Vertical lines

If there is a space that you want to make look tall and more spacious, the vertical line is the easiest and the best option for texture paint. While adding dynamic to the wall, it also creates a necessary illusion in small occupied spaces. Shades that are not too bright or bold can be used for vertical lines. For instance, a shade like Ocean Calm (NP BGG 1583 D) can be used for the textured wall while the other walls can be monochromatic or contrasting, depending on the homeowner’s taste.

Brick wall texture paint

Brick wall texture paints are usually used as a contrasting background to all the furniture and accessories in the room. While it is a great idea for background, one should also remember the beautiful rustic look it adds to the space. These texture paints require simple tools like a paintbrush and spatula and can be easily achieved in a short time. Shades like rustic brown are suitable for this texture paint idea

 Geometrical figures

Symmetrical, asymmetrical, straight lines, crooked lines, there are no rules when it comes to geometrical figures in texture paints. This can also be a fun DIY project which adds a personal touch to your walls. This can be applied in any room of the house, making it the most versatile texture paint idea in the market. Dark and bold shades like Black Magic (NP N 1988 A) make it more appealing and the most attractive wall in the room.

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