A damp surface in the house is a sign of danger. Waterproof painting solutions are here to save the day and create a fungi-free household. Waterproofing paint solutions can be applied on any surface to ensure that moisture does not penetrate or stay on them. They are required for both interior and exterior of the houses, and Nippon Paint India offers variety of solutions for each surface, both interior and exterior.

While waterproof paint solutions are used during the construction process itself, do not worry if you have missed. There are waterproofing solutions that can be applied on old and used surfaces, including walls and roofs. These water repellent solutions are durable and last for at least a few years. 

The following are the top waterproofing paint solutions offered by Nippon Paint India that suit your house the best. 

water proofing painting solutions

Hydroshield dampproof 

Walltron’s Hydroshield Dampproof is the most preferred waterproof solution for exterior walls. It is a fibre reinforced elastomeric coating. To simplify, it is a base coat that forms a thick elastic film on the walls covering pores and cracks to prohibit water from penetrating. The excellent adhesion and toughness provide the best protection, and it is also anti-microbial. Since this is used as a base coat, it remains longer on the surface and does not erode with changing seasons. 

Waterproofing nippon paint india

Waterproof Exterior Emulsion 

If you are looking for a top coat that is waterproof for exterior walls, waterproof exterior emulsion should be your choice. This is a top coat that is specifically designed to provide both elasticity and breathability. The excellent adhesion and anti-fading properties are added advantages. These, added to being antimicrobial, are the top reasons why you should choose waterproof exterior emulsion as your waterproofing paint solution for your exterior walls. 

Nippon paint Waterproofing solution

Hydroshield sealer 

If you  have just constructed your homehydroshield sealer is the best waterproof paint solution for your interior and exterior walls. Built specially to be used on fresh concrete surfaces or highly alkaline substrate, this provides excellent efflorescence and provides perfect sealing property to the surfaces. Since it is alkaline resistant, it protects the walls from harmful acids and pollutants in the air brought down by rains. This creation has created quite the buzz among users, and has been the most preferred waterproofing solution for new homes. 

While the above-mentioned are the top picks from the Walltron collection, there are umpteen number of waterproofing solutions offered by Walltron, Nippon Paint India. Some of them include waterproof putty, walltron N Seal, Liquid Waterproofing, Walltron Hydroblock, etc. Waterproofing is essential, considering the current climatic conditions all over the world. All these are user-friendly and easy to apply. Nippon Paint India has specialist experts who can help you with the application as well. Do we need to say more? Hurry and reach out to our consultation experts at Nippon Paint India to find out the most suitable waterproofing paint solutions for your home. 

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