Construction of buildings is not the same as the 90s anymore. Residential and industrial buildings are more intricate, and the buildings are affected by the environment. Modern buildings, especially the ones in urban areas, are clustered with lack of spaces in between, pollution, higher usage of greenhouse gases, etc. This means that they are more prone to damages and need protection right during construction to make them last for longer period of time.

Construction solutions are products that are used on buildings during and after construction that protect them from potential damages both natural and human-made.

Waterproof coatings, wall crack sealant, concrete admixtures, tile setting, etc., are some of the solutions that can be implemented during and after construction.

Wall Protection from environmental damage

Protection from environmental damage

Waterproofing solutions are primarily used in humid conditions. They are not only used for rain-filled areas. Waterproof coating on a building keeps it dry from rain, protects from internal humidity, keeping the building safe to work in and maintains bearable temperature. Acidity from first rains is a classic example of such a situation. While we can’t avoid it, we can ensure that the buildings are protected.

Nippon Paint Wall Crack Solution

Cracks and seepages

Seepages within a building is a common sight in apartments and large buildings. Water seeping through any surface can cause long term damages. Waterproof coating is the best way to avoid it.

Cracks in buildings are due to various factors including earthquakes, extremely hot weather, shrinkage, and drying. Wall crack sealants are easy and quick solutions that can be used by anyone and does not require professional help.

Nippon Paint India’s N-seal is the best way to deal with cracks up to 5mm thickness on plaster surfaces.

Repairing Broken wall Ceiling

Prevents unnecessary expenses

Integrating these solutions as part of construction ensures that the building is ready to take on external challenges from the get go. Damage repairs in buildings are known to cost a dime, and most of the solutions are not permanent. To avail permanent protection from the beginning, construction solutions are necessary.

Nippon Paint Solutions Prevention of corrosion

Prevention of corrosion

Pollution, climate change, unexpected weather, and a lot more reasons can cause corrosion of buildings in a short period of time. Construction solutions like waterproof coating help prevention of structural damages in the longer run.

Using waterproofing basecoat during the painting process is a way to prevent corrosion.

Maintains indoor temperature

Outdoor temperatures vary throughout the year. From extreme heat to extreme cold, the world is seeing it all due to climate change. The effect of contraction and expansion due to heat difference is minimised and compensated by construction solutions like waterproofing solutions and wall crack sealants.

One of the ways to ensure this is to use FR-Putty from Nippon Paint India, which is a waterproof putty. It stops heat and cold waves from entering the walls, protecting them from outdoor temperature.

Nippon Paint Different solutions for different surfaces

Different solutions for different surfaces

Basement of a building, roofs, ceilings, water tanks, balconies carry different purposes and therefore face different effects from outside. Each of them requires special care to perform their respective functions and so they have separate waterproof coating methods for each of them. For instance, roofs may require waterproofing basecoat while interiors do not.

Products like EnhanceR and Aquasil from Nippon Paint India’s Walltron range fix this issue quickly and can be used on both old and new buildings.

Nippon paint solutions waterproof coating

Different methods

As each surface demands a different care, there are different methods of waterproof coating. Cementitious waterproofing, liquid waterproofing membrane, bituminous coating, polyurethane membrane coating are some of the methods used for different surfaces.

These are decided based on factors like whether the solution has to be applied internally or externally, contact of water is continuous or temporary, exposure to chemicals, primary or secondary system, frequency of usage, etc.

Nippon Paint Construction Solution Protection from molds and fungi

Protection from molds and fungi

Wet surfaces due to rain, humidity or leakages are prone to molds and fungi. These can in turn cause health hazards to everyone in the buildings. Solutions to avoid these can be incorporated during construction, thereby preventing the growth of molds and fungi throughout its lifetime.

Walltron Kleanwall is the right product to deal with prevention of molds and fungi. It can be used in both interior and exterior surfaces.

Avoiding usage of these products results in structural damage of buildings and continuous reparations throughout its lifetime. Nippon Paint India offers a wide range of Walltron products specially designed for construction solutions. Products like Hydroshield, Wall+, Walltron Hydroblock, etc., fulfil these purposes. From waterproof putty to waterproof solutions to be mixed with cement, every area of the modern house is covered. Reach to our experts and learn which solutions are an absolute necessity for your modern house.

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