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Have you ever thought how an artificially created movie scene makes us undergo a similar emotion like the characters in the movies? It is the colour combination of the scene that makes us feel what the director wants. The colour combination plays a major role in transporting us to a different mood.

So, you must be very particular when it comes to choosing the colour combination of your dream house especially the bedroom, the most personal space in your house. The colour combination in your bedroom walls are a direct reflection of your family’s personality, choosing and creating the right colour combination is one of the difficult processes for beginners. Wall paint colours come in different shades, and confusion is inevitable while deciding on the numerous shades available for a single colour. So, we suggest you some of the best two colour combination ideas for your bedroom walls and the exact paint colours to recreate it.

1. Indigo and White

Indigo-and White-wall-paint-colour-combinations-for-bedroom

Indigo Blue and White is a soothing palette for your bedroom. Being warmer than blue, Indigo satisfies the purpose of blue with a warm ambience. Rich Indigo walls paired with white looks sharp and create a cosy environment. This combination can be recreated exactly using Nippon Paint’s Tremont Blue (NP PB 1519A) and White (NP OW 1081 P). Indigo with white is an obvious two colour combination choice for your bedroom walls.

2. Brown and Cream

Brown-and- Cream-paint-colour-bedroom-combinations

Brown paired beautifully with cream gives an elegant and urbane look to your sleeping space. A dark wood makeover with this combination will heighten the aesthetic level of your bedroom. The glimmer shade of this combination makes it a great colour scheme idea. This colour combination can be done using Green Slate (NP N 1827 A) and Comfy Tan (NP N 1839 T) from Nippon Paint’s neutral shades category.

3. Lavender and Off-white


A Reserved White with Lavender as your bedroom colour combination makes it more peculiar and individualized. It is one of the rare bedroom colour combinations and this combination gives a calming and comforting aura which promotes sleep. This can be done using White (NP OW 1081 P) with Monet Lavender (NP PB 1433 P) avail in Nippon Paint colour palette.

4. Light Blue and Radiant Yellow

Light-blue-and- Radiant-Yellow-paint-colour-combinations

Two colours representing brightness and happiness like Absolute Yellow and Classical Blue only will escalate the good vibes around you. Nippon’s Classical blue (NP BGG 1581 D) and Absolute Yellow (NP YO 1113 A) will bring up this combination precisely and will make your bedroom feel bigger.

5. Shades of Grey

Shades-of-Grey-paint-colour- Combinations-for-bedroom

Grey is a neutral colour, the advantage of using grey is that it blends well with its own shades. This makes grey a mandatory colour to make the best two-colour combination for your bedroom walls. Though it looks monochromatic can be done using Weathervane (NP N 1987 T), grey is one of the simplest hues that enhances the classy appeal of your bedroom.

6. Light brown and Muted Green

Light-brown-and Muted-Green-paint-colour-combinations-for-bedroom

Not all bedroom paint colours need to steal the spotlight. In fact, some colours give the space a spacious look. Light Brown and Muted Green is one such combination, may not be eye-catching but spreads an earthy and natural feel to your bedroom. Light brown and muted green can be created using Healing Touch (NP N 1837 P) and Bamboo leaf (NP BGG 1792 A) from Nippon’s neutrals and green colour catalogue. The subtle colour combination is one of the best colours for bedroom walls.

7. Lime Green and Wisely Pink

Lime-green-and -Yellow-paint-colour-combinations

These are two colours that coincide well. This combination gives your bedroom an aura that’s energizing and rejuvenating. This bedroom colour combination can be implemented using Nippon’s Green cape (NP BGG 1680 A) and Wisely Pink (NP R 1278 P). This combination makes it a whole lot easier for you to escape your bed during early mornings.

8. Peach and White


It is interesting that Peach is one of the colours that contribute to the comfort of the rooms and can have a calming effect. Using Peach and White colours in your bedroom walls can make your bedroom warmer. These colours will create a special comfort for lighter sleep. This can be done by Fire Princess (NP R 1268 D) and White Concrete (NP OW 1084 P).

9. Burgundy and Beige


Burgundy with Beige is a perfect two colour combination for a bedroom. This subtle shade can appear either warm or cool and creates a restful backdrop in any style of bedrooms. Beige being a neutral colour mixed with burgundy makes your bedroom look alluring. Burgundy (NP R 1351 A) and Quaint (NP R 1376 P) from Nippon Paint’s Red – Pink Colour Catalogue will bring this combination in reality.

10. Shades of Purple


Prophetic Purple and Light Cadence come together so well that it breaks the myth that multiple colours are only for the bold. The luxurious and playful nature of purple is the bedroom colour idea if you want a unique, yet subtle bedroom colour combination. Prophetic Purple (NP PB 1436 D) and Light Cadence (NP PB 1440 P) from Nippon Paint’s Purple – Blue colour shade card can create this combination accurately.

Now that we have given our top 10, its time, you choose the colour combination that suits your personality best. Click here to learn more about trending wall paint colours in 2023.

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