India is a diverse land and has various cultures and customs across it. However, when it comes to its house paint colours, there isn’t much diversity to talk about. Indians from north to south prefer a similar palette of colours for their interiors. Specifically, when it comes to bedrooms paint colour ideas, we choose soft palettes and match it with a similar décor.

Bedrooms are the most private space in our home, and the bedroom wall paints will not just extend the life of the walls, but also give your room an appearance that sets the tone to start our day. So, let us now look at some best colours for the Indian bedroom walls.



Blue is believed to have a cooling and breezy effect; which is mostly missed in Indian outdoors. This basic nature of the colour makes it the go-to colour for Indian bedroom walls. Blue is a very soothing colour that helps to calm your mind and has tremendous power to manage stress. Hence, it is the colour that most people relate to.

Soft Yellow:


Sunny, cheerful yellow adds a light-hearted touch to any space. However, it’s a stimulating colour and potentially has too much spunk for Indian bedroom. So, a soft muted yellow is the best colour for bedroom walls, as it has the warm and pleasant vibrancy that makes the space very Indian in its appeal. The easy-going colour works well with every other colour and even adapts to the minimal decorating schemes of Indian homes.

Baby Pink:


The most striking feature of baby pink is its neutral nature. Whether used as a bedroom paint colour to set the tone or as a calming element in the environment, pink helps to create moments of calm in hectic spaces. This is the main reason why baby pink is one of the most suitable colours for Indian homes. This is so versatile that, it can be mixed and matched with warm, cool and other neutral colours.

Lime Green:


Green represents freshness and abundance, the soothing quality characterises the power of nature. Lime green is the perfect shade of green that suits our Indian condition and is one of the go-to Indian bedroom colour. This paint colour for bedroom gives airy and lively ambience, apt to beat the heat during the hot and suffocating Indian summer. Using an appealing, delicate colour like lime green as the bedroom wall colour is a stylish and vintage Indian bedroom colour idea.



We Indians always prefer soft hue paint colours for our bedroom walls. Soft hues illuminate our bedroom atmosphere. Pistachio is one of the beautiful soft hues, which can bring our bedroom to life. The facile nature of pistachio makes it the best bedroom paint colour choice for subtle Indian homes. The neutral nature of pistachio also simplifies the incorporation of colourful decors to your bedroom.



Grey gives a calm and sophisticated appearance to your bedroom. This would make a perfect bedroom concept for a younger person’s bedroom or even a family who appreciate the minimalist approach of colour. The clean classic look makes your bedroom look fresh, and inviting in natural lighting.

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