Painting walls with single or multiple colours is the easiest and the quickest way to transform your house. However, to add more flavour and aesthetic sense to your walls, interior wall painting designs are the right choices. Just as colours, wall designs are available in a vast range catering to the taste of anyone and everyone. A little bit of artistry on your walls goes a long way in making them the absolute highlight of your rooms.

Wall designs are nothing but designs that can be drawn and painted on your walls. Be it artistic designs like murals and flowers or quirky interior wall painting designs like random geometrical shapes, Nippon Paint India’s wall painting design ideas have covered it all.

Have a look at some of the most popular wall painting design ideas that are doing the rounds

Best Interior Triangle shapes wall color ideas


Triangles are versatile because they can be painted with the same colour throughout highlighting the lines with darker shades, and can also be painted with multiple colours making the wall painting designs look like a piece of art. For multiple colours, pastel shades like Lovely Jewels (NP YO 1216 P), Flickering Pink (NP R 1320 P), Hazy Lavender (NP N 1938 T) can be used in combination.

Ombres interior wall paint


Ombres are gradual blending of hues moving from lighter to darker shades. While this may not be a conventional wall painting design, the blending of hues makes a beautiful design in itself. The most common hues chosen for this are blues, pinks, and oranges. A combination of Coral Cove (NP R 1357 T), Vintage Rose (NP R 1350 T), Remember Rose (NP R 1345 D), and Rosy Dreams (NP R 1344 A) forms a neat ombre. Adding a circle design for the ombre adds more fun to the walls.

Stripes Interior Wall Design Ideas


Stripes are easy-to-do, neat, and simple way to incorporate a wall painting design idea in your house. Add some black stripes to a white wall, or add a lighter and a deep shade of the same hue like Golden Yellow (NP YO 1091 T) and All Gold (NP YO 1148 A). Feel free to play around with the colours or keep it simple with horizontal and vertical stripes.

Nippon Paint India offers every shade you require to execute even complicated interior wall painting designs like murals and stencil designs.

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