Tips To Create A Modern, Sleek and Airy Kitchen

Revamping your kitchen extends to a lot more than just choosing appliances and collecting inspirations. It might be a good place to start, but once you’re done pondering over beautifully designed kitchens, it’s time to start working on yours. We’ve listed down 3 simple tips that will guide you on the right path during your kitchen remodel journey.

Choose Contrasting Colours

Using contrasting colours help add a depth and dimension to your kitchen. In fact, it distinguishes spaces when navigating through the kitchen in addition to adding a flair to the entire space. Choose a bold colour and compliment it with a soft shade or pair together warm and cool hues. If you adore the monochromatic look, filling up space with blacks and whites will work wonders in adding a visual appeal to your kitchen.

Colour Your Cabinets

Follow a similar colour scheme for your cabinets too. Paint your upper and lower cabinets in different colours. Introduce interesting accents, artistic decor or a piece of art to transform your kitchen’s look and create a happy space that family and friends would love to gather around.

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Consider The Ceiling And The Floors

When re-modelling your kitchen, it is essential to not overlook the importance of choosing the right colour for the ceiling. Ceilings absorb or reflect the light back down and for a space like the kitchen, it is mandatory to choose shades of lighter tones. Similarly for the flooring, choosing the right material is as important as picking the right colour. Light colours create an illusion of bigger space and a material like wood is much more comfortable to walk on as opposed to something like a tile or stone.

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