Narrowing down on the best interior wall paint for homes can be a tricky task. Home is where you are most comfortable and comfort comes with understanding the finer details. Your walls tell a story; it bares the mark of family and friends alike. Choosing what works and what doesn’t, doesn’t just happen overnight. A space where there is thought put into its aesthetic is the one people enjoy themselves in the most. Providing yourself as well as those around you an experience to truly let go and be at peace starts with your interiors. A large portion of this responsibility inevitably falls on interior wall paints. There are many ways in which you can decide what interior wall paint makes your home look superior. Yes, it is important to go with your instincts but sometime a little research and a step by step method might work wonders. Though there is no hard and fast rule explaining the process, but here are a few tips to help choose the best interior wall paint for homes.

The wheal of colors interior wall paint ideas

The Wheel of Colour

Understanding the colour palette is the first of many steps in choosing the right interior wall paint. Though the colour wheel has a lot of science hidden within, it is so elegantly represented that anyone can crack its basics. It’s all about having an eye for the complementaries. Whether you choose analogous, complimentary or the triadic colour scheme, what matters is the mood you want to create in your home. Navigating through the wheel, in the end, boils down to the aesthetic. You may not be able to choose the exact shade or tint but the colour wheel is about choosing the right hues and working your way up from there.

Fabricate Your Aesthetic

Fabricate Your Aesthetic

Use of existing accessories and fabrics to break it down into colours that will enhance their presence is a smart way of choosing the right interior wall paint for homes. Selecting your furniture first can assist in analysing the colour schemes already in play which will further help in picking out the heavier colours. Whether you pick the bolder colours or the subtle hidden ones from what’s in and around your home, taking these samples directly to the store will aid you in picking out the exact shade you require.

mild green or even a pale orange, makes all the difference

Discovering Undertones

Choosing the right undertone is all about balance. Be it warm or cool colours, the tone of the paint is the element that brings the space to life. Beige maybe the colour of your choice, but choosing one with the right underlying note, a mild green or even a pale orange, makes all the difference. Each interior wall paint has a plethora of different shades, tints, tones and undertones. Compare yours with the accessories adorning your home and make sure to pick the colour that speaks to you the most.

Samples and Testers

Samples and Testers

Sampling is the go to of picking the right paints. It is a simple thumb rule that should almost never be ignored. The thousands of cans lined up in stores can confuse even the brightest and that is exactly the sampling comes into the picture. Applying various swatches on walls and strips makes it easier to visualise and capper helping you pick the best of the lot.

Flow of Thought

Flow of Thought

Consistency is the key to great design. Having a steady flow of colour throughout your home brings out its essence in its purest form. Having continuity does not always mean having patches of the same colour throughout. Maintaining similar accents and sticking to a certain theme makes the space singular through fluidity. A warm base that is maintained all round is one way of tacking the issue elegantly. I the end, it comes down to what we want our homes to represent.

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