Walls that will never stain

Ever had this happen to you?

Ever decided to sit in your living room with a nice cup of coffee, only to trip on your kid’s toys that are always lying around the house, causing you to spill steaming hot coffee all over your newly painted walls?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your walls allowed you to wash away those coffee stains with just a wipe?  Nippon Paint Matex EZ Wash is an excellent washable interior emulsion paint that is washable, highly durable, and gives a silky, smooth finish. Moreover, the paint is also easy on your wallet!

Wash all your troubles away

washable wall paint

We’ve all definitely faced the situation where we accidentally spilled something on our walls and had to think of a really cool way to hide the stains before anyone spots them. Guess what? Worry no more!

With superior washability, Matex EZ Wash, the best washable wall paint, ensures your walls are always stainless and spot-free. This washable paint for interior walls makes it easy to wash away any stain, and so, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them anymore.

Fragrant walls for a fragrant home

washable paint

Hate that new paint smell on your walls as you move in after you finish painting them? With Nippon Paint Matex EZ Wash, say goodbye to odours and other irritants that make you think twice before finally deciding to paint your house. This washable wall paint is also built to ensure you don’t face any irritation, headache or nausea while painting and after.

The shine your walls deserve

washable interior emulsion paint

With Matex EZ Wash, you can also be sure that your walls carry that pearl sheen finish, giving them that rich, luxurious look and feel. The paint also allows walls to reflect light, even at low intensities, and so, you can be sure your room is always well-lit. With this washable wall paint, you can be sure that your walls are given a smooth and even finish, with the shine that they deserve.

In conclusion, help your wall fight back stains and retain its glory by applying Nippon’s Matex EZ Wash washable interior emulsion. This modified acrylic washable paint for your interior walls keeps the wall healthy by resisting fungal or algae growth and gives your walls the shine and fragrance they deserve.

If you wish to give your walls an even smoother sheen and finish, with eco-friendly paint that is sustainable, washable, doesn’t cause any side effects, and provides excellent coverage than your regular paint, do check out our other product, Nippon Paint Matex Gold.

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