If you’re a parent or a caregiver to little children, you’re probably in superhero mode trying to keep them protected from the dangers in the world, and more so during COVID-19 times.

And in the midst of a global pandemic, when you’re asked to protect ourselves and the little ones by staying at home, you can only sigh with relief as that’s the safest and most familiar place to be. The comfort of your home is one that simply cannot be replaced. But, ask yourself, is your home really that safe for your kids painted with the best kids paint available in the market that it anti-bacterial?

Toddlers find their way through the world, crawling and resting against walls trying to stand up or walk. It’s important to keep these surfaces clean and safe from germs and infections.

While teaching little ones to wash their hands and not touch their face itself may not be an easy task, spending hours disinfecting every surface in the house worried they might touch something they shouldn’t is an undue burden on your shoulders, especially your kid’s rooms where the susceptibility to dangerous germs is probably more. Hence, it is of utter importance that you use the best kid’s room wall paint available in the market.

Your bored little ones might just run out space to create their artistic masterpieces and might just take to the walls, making the world their canvas.

best kids room wall paint

Now, even if you’ve managed to wipe every surface of the house clean, what about the air your kids breathe in the confines of your home? Indoor air pollution is a silent threat that can cause severe damage to one’s health.

Some of the more common indoor air pollutants are VOC, formaldehyde which can cause nausea, fatigue, and headaches and sometimes metastasise into respiratory issues too.

Kids, in particular, can be more sensitive and susceptible to these infections, as their immune systems are still developing. These are their primary years of growth and development and it’s extremely important to improve the air quality indoors.

best kids wall paint

To give you worried parents a little glimmer of hope in these trying times, Nippon Paint brings you a comprehensive Wellness and Hygiene range. This range features Nippon Paint Kidz, a premier interior paint, which is the best kids wall paint that keeps the walls free from bacterial growth and infections, killing 99% bacteria from your walls. With its Active Carbon technology, it absorbs formaldehyde and purifies the air you breathe making it cleaner and safer. It has ultra-low VOC and doesn’t emit any foul or harmful odour. There’s more! It also has superior washability, so you can give your kid a new canvas to create their work of art on your walls that you can wash off with a swift wipe.

While you’re working hard to combat the dangers of outside from inside, go the extra mile to make your home safer for your precious little ones by using the best kids room wall paint variant of Nippon Paint.

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