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3 Ways To Style A Small Space

While a large, sprawling space can be intimidating to style, a smaller space needs much more attention to be styled the right way. In fact, it is essential to not overlook how each element in the room will interact with each other, both functionally and visually. What follows are 3 best tips that will allow you to make something visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing out of your small space.

STEP: 1 – Colours can make a huge difference

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The right colour palette and a well-chosen wall hue can create wonders in transforming your living space and help tricking the eye into making it look more expansive than it actually is. Bold, bright shades will instantly make you space look bigger, but if you don’t fancy bold colours, deeper and saturated shades will work equally well in creating an appealing space, provided they are paired with soft neutrals.

STEP: 2 – Add dimensions with patterns and textures

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Choose a bright colour for your accent walls or place plants in your living space. They add an appeal to your space and make a statement on top of creating an uplifting environment, without garnering much attention to themselves. Mix and match reds, blues and greens to create an overall happier environment.

STEP: 3 – Decorate Accordingly

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Small spaces lend themselves to experiment with patterns and textures. Make your place seem interesting, layer patterns over textures to create a chic ambience or keep it extremely simple to create a timeless vibe in your space. But, keep in mind that it is important to proportionally balance each element and colour to give your space an elegant charm and make sure that it doesn’t feel like there’s too much going on.

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