3 Ways To Add A Vintage Vibe To Your Place

Vintage styles reflect a timeless glamour, sense of sophistication, gracefulness, and elegance that is synonymous with the homes of past. But, pulling off a vintage interior might not be as simple as it seems. It is very important to strike the right balance between elements for it to not look overdone. We’ve curated 5 best tips that will help you transform your modern home into a vintage cocoon.


Antiques form the basis of any vintage home. They are extremely versatile and work very well when placed as the point of attraction or when made to blend into the background. However, the key is to invest in sturdy antiques that are in good condition, the ones that would withstand everyday wear and tear. Keep looking for antiques that have a heft to them, heaviness is a sign of quality. And be sure to check if the joints feel sure before making the purchase.


Pastels educe the charm of the bygone era and they create the most amusing atmosphere. They work well with most furniture and decors. Subtle understated tones when paired with clever wallpapers, rugs and vintage finds will create an irresistible vintage space.


Patterns are an extremely easy way to add a vintage vibe to your place. Polka dots, Jacobean, Ogee, Chevron, Bohemian patterns or whatever it is that you fancy, all transport the viewer back in time to the sweeter decades.

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