When it comes to the exterior wall color of homes, people prefer not to experiment. As there are several variables that determine the exterior wall colors of a house, people choose their shades accordingly. Houses located in warm locations are generally coated with lighter-color shades. If nestled in a cold location, the exterior walls are painted with darker, deeper shades. Listed below are some Nippon Paint wall color to renovate your home in 2021. Let us take a closer look. 

Warm Colors:- Warm colors are colors like yellow (NP AC 2049 A – SHOCKING YELLOW or NAC 2050 A – JESTER YELLOW), red, orange, and similar shades. Warm colors are used to paint exterior walls in colder places. They boost activity and swiftness. In India, north located cities experience a cold climate. Establishments in such locations are often seen using warmer shades to paint their exterior walls. Warmer shades often signify joy, emotions, and playfulness. Often, people like to paint houses with neutral colors and keep the doors, windows, and balconies a touch of warm colors. Warm colors can be used in stylish ways of painting your exteriors. Imagine having pastel shades to play with while painting your home walls.  

Cool Colors:- Cool colors like silver and white (NP OW1002P-SNOW WHITE) add calmness and soberness to the exteriors of your home. While residing in a location with hot and humid climatic conditions, people desire to paint their home exteriors using cooler shades. In a hot and humid setting, one desires to be welcomed with soothing shades like the cool paint colors when returning home after a tiring day at work. Places like Rajasthan, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, etc., are seen using cooler color shades for painting exterior walls. Cool colors do the magic required. Also, the cool shades of grey, green, etc., look ultra-modern and elegant. One cannot deny the stunning vibe these colors add to your home exteriors. Additionally, if you like to play a bit with warm colors here and there, there is always room for experimentation. But, to not have your experiments go wrong, make sure to take expert advice before proceeding with innovations.  

Neutral Colors:- Neutral colors (NP BGG 1617 AGreen Barricades) are one of the most common choices when it comes to exterior wall color of homes or official institutions. Neutral colors are the lighter and common shades like white and beige. Neutral shades (NP BGG 1624 AGreenway) go pretty well with climates of all kinds. There is a false notion that neutral does not look as attractive as the other colors. You can always make it unique in innovative ways. You can give them a personalized touch by adding vivid borders of any other desired color. Neutral colors are the added simplicity to your house exteriors. The big cities Bangalore, etc., use neutral exterior wall paints pretty often.

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