Liquid Effect

The “liquid effect” is the newest home trend you might need to watch out for. If you could imagine finding the most beautiful agate stone in the world, try melting it, and then slowly swirl a watercolor brush through the pooling color. This picturesque is spot-on to describe the go-with-the-flow trend that pops everywhere from ceramics to wall art.

Oozing forms and spiraled surfaces are just the beginning for this up-and-coming trend. Be ahead of your peers and taking the help of a few must-follow designers, you can be way ahead of the curve inspire creations. From swirly walls to splattered textures that let you bring the liquid look home, you can mesmerize your house guests cozily. Any room would end up looking lavish yet elegant to everyone stepping into your personal space. It gives the same visual effect as a wallpaper with twirling and spinning a various range of colours that resembles fluid art.

It is a brilliant way of having contemporary art forms in your living room that would otherwise require a painting to steal one’s attention. Similar to acrylic painting, water-colours emulate a dripping action by stroking techniques known to the artist. With this inspiration, you also get a chance to be an artist that create their own masterpiece to enjoy a full-fledged art gallery experience in their homes.

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