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Have you ever thought that wall colors and textures can change the ambiance, completely? There are millions of color options for your interior walls. But wall texturing can add even more to it than a solid color. It transforms the space into an enhanced version of it. The wall texture paints are the special kind that is used for painting walls in some patterns like florals or any designs. It can give your walls a distinctive, and unique ambiance.

The wall texture paints can be applied by brush, roller, spray cans, or paint guns. As wall texture painting is an art, it usually takes a lot of time and patience to blend the texture into the walls. The most common wall texture paint that is used on walls that are unfinished is sold in three types: satin, gloss, and matte. Matte wall paint has a matte surface with small bubbles on the surface. Satin wall paint is not as dense as other paint, but it gives the walls a finer texture. Gloss wall paint has a smooth surface. Like matte paint, the bristles of a roller brush do not leave bubbles in the paint.

To apply texture paint to your wall, the surfaces must be sanded well if required, a base coat of primer will also be required. Go over the wall with a lighter color. The paint will coat the wall, but the lighter color will conceal the flaws. While most people suggest buying Nippon Paint Momento for numerous reasons, one of the best texture wall paint you can choose from the range of Nippon Paint collections. Wait several minutes, before you apply the next color. After applying texture paint, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before painting again, you may want to remove a small section of the wall that was not covered by the first layer of paint, and you may want to repaint this section.

The wall texture paints can be tricky. If you have any doubts about whether the paint you are using will appear in the way you want, try a test paint trial. The wall texture paints are generally available in texturing tones. The tone can be different from the base color, but the tones will not be nearly as visible as they would be with painted walls. You can choose a color or a texture that will blend well with the rest of the decor. Texture paint is intended to hide imperfections, it is still good to give the walls an extra art.

What did your room look like with solid paint colors? Colorful, Peppy, Calm, Ecstatic, Energetic? Pastel color painted; classic blue painted; wall texture designed? Or the traditional way of having posters for the wall, indoor plants on the table, freebie fictional figures over everywhere? Or all the furnishings are in complementary color shades? The contemporary way of creating a space for your own creative space was changed a lot in terms of colors, schemes, textures, and decors.

Here’s a list of a few video inspirations for your next wall paint texturing plan.

Check out this video of Surya Raveendranath of NIFT Chennai, she shares her experience with the artistic texture wall painting. Having inspired by the movie Tangled, she believes this texture design can add a positive and inviting vibe to the atmosphere. She created this design just with a basic paintbrush.

Urvashi of NIFT, second year in Fashion Communication, shares her experience of creating a luxury vibe with wall texture painting. She has got this creative inspiration from her friend braided hair; she created a similar pattern on the wall with texture paint. She says she picked some random brush from her home to create a desired art. Wanna try at home? Then check out the Nippon Paint Momento Dzine.

Niharika Singh, a Fashion Communication student from NIFT, used ribbons, duct tapes, and some newspapers to create an artistic wall texture inspiring the nature of the clouds, also with a very minimal color option. We suggest Nippon Paint Momento Dzine bring up a texture wall art like this.

See how Shradha Charava creates a captivating wall texture design. This time she has chosen Blue and Green resembling the nature of plants and ocean. She believes the design brings out the echoes from the deepest oceans to your wall.

Wrapping up, even though texture paint is used for decorating purposes, you can apply it just about anywhere. The Nippon Paint Momento Dzine is the finest one for texture painting. For example, if you want to create a texture that is more subdued and less visible, such as in the wood used in your furniture, you can apply it with a brush.

There are many different types of colors available, including black, blue, burgundy, red, tan, burgundy, rust, navy, eggshell, taupe, scarlet, chai, carnation, light walnut, and bronze. You will be able to find almost any color that you want to match your decor. Even if you don’t have the same exact color of wood as the rest of your home.

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