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“Face is the index of mind”. As the famous saying goes, the physical appearance is the reflection of what lies within. Likewise, our home’s façade speaks volumes about our personality, which makes the indispensability of protecting the exteriority. Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance features revolutionary lamination technology which encompasses the safety of the exterior walls from extreme weather conditions, whether rain or shine. This lamination exterior paint essentially protects the wall from environmental damages such as peeling, staining, dirt, and the accumulation of colonies of algae and fungi.

Featuring appealing appearance with effective resistance to flaking, efflorescence and alkali, is its specialty. Living in a house which looks young and fresh, spending one-time for a decade is what most of us would expect.

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting all-weather wall paint, your search ends at Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance for superior-quality wall lamination paints. Continuing on the subject, we present a list of features on why Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance is the perfect coating solution for your exteriors.


home wall lamination paint

So, what is glaminating? It simply means laminating the wall exhibiting the glam. Nippon Paint ranges the state-of-the-art wall lamination technology which renders the wearability and the durability of the walls for almost a decade. That’s right. A Decade. Sounds enthralling right? A lamination technology that exhilarates façade for a decade. So, enjoy glamming your home for a decade.


home wall lamination

Simply making your walls look classy and exquisite isn’t enough. Walls have to be impervious to adverse weather and conditions. This paint only offers you the best lamination for your walls which become water repellent, weather resistant and extra durable. Our advanced lamination technology makes Weatherbond Advance dirt-pickup resistant. No paint job can offer your walls the same durability that our Silicone Lamination Technology can.


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Just like icing on the cake, this paint doesn’t only extend wall’s durability but also exhibits eco-friendliness. This paint has an ultra-low VOC formula (Volatile Organic Compounds) that protects and preserves the environment. It does not emit harmful air-polluting vapours and paint odours that cause eye irritation, headache, nausea, etc. and has near-zero odour while painting and after. It is a revolutionary and technologically advanced emulsion, permitting you to protect against the unpredictable weather conditions.

Heat Ban Technology

Susceptibility to heat is increasing day by day, thanks to global warming. As similar as a sunscreen to our face, this paint acts as an efficient sunscreen to the exteriors. This innovative Heat Ban technology reflects 90 % of the sunrays which reduces surface temperature by up to 5°C. Very appealing, right? Don’t miss it and it’s time you applied sunscreen to your walls.

Wrapping Up

Silicone lamination technology is becoming a trendy choice in new homes and commercial buildings. Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance offers you the best lamination paint in the market, which has diverse color range and unique properties. This lamination technology can make the exteriors of your house or office exactly like you dreamed of and at the same time make your walls more durable, dirt-pickup resistant, with ultra-low VOC formula and heat ban technology than ever. Re-decorate your walls with our premium grade lamination exterior paint and show the world your elegance.

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