Wall texture paints are increasingly in demand because of their impactful special effects and their thick pigmentation giving the walls a fresh look for a long time. Texture paint techniques are used to break the monotony of plain walls, and the walls can act as decors themselves. Bedrooms are meant to offer comfort, and adding flavour and colours with wall texture paints elevates its beauty. Trendy designs and techniques give a feeling of luxury to your interiors at a cheap cost.

The following are some of the wall texture paints for your bedroom to keep up with the trend.

Best Grey Interior Texture Paint

Shades of grey

Grey is versatile all by itself, and different shades of grey for a bedroom creates a calm and cosy mood for any kind of day. Textures can be created with brushing wall texture paint technique, with a dark base like Nippon Paint India’s Turned Earth (NP N 1919 D) and lighter grey shades like Burnt Ashes (NP N 1917 T) and Battle stone (NP N 1915 P) to form the texture on top. This is one of the most preferred colours.

Best Contrasting colours Texture Paint

Contrasting colours

Colour combinations are never out of fashion. Contrasts offer tones that make a room more colourful and inviting. If you are looking for a lively tone with wall texture paint, go for a bright yellow base like Nippon Paint India’s Meadow Daisy (NP YO 1141 A) and a contrasting shade like Stunning Green (NP BGG 1645 A).

Best Multi color paint Ideas

Multicolour textures

Multicolour textures do not require specific colour bases and give a better chance to play and experiment with colours. Multiple colours like Nippon Paint India’s Dark Secret Blue (NP PB 1561 A), Sable Brown (NP N 1876 A), Buttermelt Yellow (NP YO 1165 P) can be used to play around with vague patterns and different texture paint techniques to add a rustic feel to the bedroom.

Nippon Paint India has hundreds of choices for your homes, and our experts will help you execute any desired wall texture paint design in your bedrooms with varied texture paint techniques. Find out your bedroom colour and leave the rest to us.

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