It is very common for most consumers to get lost while exploring the wide range of Nippon Paint products, as its color range and themes are enormous, types and kinds are many in numbers. When it comes to exterior emulsion paint, you must do a little research on what goes where and how to get it done.

exterior emulsion paint

When you are considering painting the exteriors walls of your house, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. For instance, you want to make sure that the exterior emulsion paint has the best consistency and can withstand the elements. The exterior wall colors will look great for years when you choose a product that will last for a much longer period.

It is also important to make sure that the exterior emulsion paint will stick to the exterior walls, so it won’t peel off or flake off. There are different kinds of exterior wall paints that do a great job.

applying exterior wall paint

When you are shopping for the best exterior wall paint, you may notice that there are several kinds to choose from, before applying the wall paint make sure walls are sanded well, primer coated and have an all-set surface. There are numerous kinds of color and texture options, make sure you use the best exterior emulsion paint.

exterior emulsion wall paint

Some wall paint comes in aerosol cans that can be sprayed on the exterior surfaces, with spray cans, and then allowed to dry. The exterior emulsion paint is the one that needs to be mixed at home right before the use. Both types are very similar, but you should be aware of the difference before you make your final decision.

If you want to get the best wall paint possible, you should spend some time researching the different brands and types of exterior emulsion paint that you can purchase in stores and online.

wall exterior emulsion paints

Many times, you will find the exterior wall paints work better in colder climates than in hotter ones. The Nippon Paint Store has an extraordinary collection of exterior emulsion paints that will also sustain extreme weather conditions. They also prevent the exterior paint from deteriorating too quickly so you don’t have to worry about having to replace the exterior wall paint as soon as it begins to fade or peel.

Here’s the list of a few best exterior emulsion paints for exterior walls.

Nippon Paint Samurai

durable exterior emulsion paints

The Nippon Paint Samurai is one of the most durable exterior emulsion paints, ideally suited for dry and humid climatic conditions. It is known for its durability, anti-peel, anti-fungal, and fade resistance. The paint gives a strong anchorage, bonding, and keeps the wall looking clean and bright for years.

Weatherbond PRO

pure acrylic exterior emulsion paint

The Nippon Paint Weatherbond PRO is a highly durable, pure acrylic exterior emulsion paint that offers outstanding protection for exterior surfaces. Exterior wall painting with Nippon Paint Weatherbond PRO packs up with unique solutions to prevent the walls from extreme weather conditions, protection from dust pickup, algal attacks, and hairline cracks.


specially formulated paint

The Nippon Paint Durafresh Solo’s self-priming technology is a specially formulated paint having a systematic UV crosslinking mechanism exhibiting an excellent balance of flexibility and dirt pick-up resistance. Its heat-ban technology reduces surface temperature by up to 7°C.


super acrylic exterior emulsion paint

All paints are not the same, there are different kinds of paint for different surfaces and use cases. We all know that the rooftop of the house is facing extreme weather conditions and the influence of nature. The Nippon Paint Roof Coating – Super Acrylic Exterior Emulsion is the best paint for such cases.


shogun exterior emulsion paint

The Nippon Paint Shogun Exterior Emulsion Paint is specially formulated with its superior ingredients that protect from algal and fungal attacks. This paint is suitable for exterior dry and less humid weather conditions. Its finish gives a rich look with no blistering or peeling of paint. This paint is known for its luxurious touch and blemish-free finish to the walls.


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