Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most challenging tasks. It has to look good on the outside, and be durable to last long. The most important aspects to look at while painting exterior walls are colour choice, durability, waterproofing, etc. There have been multiple methods to increase the longevity of the exterior paint colours, but Nippon Paint India offers the best exterior wall paints that are naturally durable.

Each of these has carefully curated properties that help the paint withstand various climatic conditions. There are different types of exterior wall paints like acrylic, water-based, solvent-based, primer, latex, paints. While these are excellent solutions, the following are the best paint products that ensure durability of exterior wall paints.

Durafresh Solo

Nippon Paint India’s Durafresh Solo is curated for all seasons to protect exterior wall paint colours. For summer, it has heat ban technology that reduces the surface temperature by 7°C. For winters, it provides rich sheen to prevent water from seeping through the surface, and has anti-algal properties to keep away from microbes during rainy season. This means that Durafresh solo is suitable for all seasons. The sheen keeps the surface fresh for a long time, also protecting it from dirt settlements.

Weatherbond PRO

Weatherbond Pro has been created with immense research behind what’s required for exterior walls. It was understood that exterior wall paints need protection against dust, water, algal attack, hairline cracks, efflorescence, and extreme weather. This product was created as a one-stop solution for all these problems, and has been a hit among customers since the beginning. It is a base paint with fibres to ensure high performance. Its elastomeric property keeps it long lasting and withstand all climates.

Sumo xtra

Brushes are an integral part of the painting process. Thick paint or mud is slapped against the Sumo xtra is a water-based solution. water-based exterior wall paints are the best because there is little to no emission, thereby being environment friendly. This is specifically suitable for houses with bright exterior wall paint colours to retain it for long periods of time. It keeps away dust and maintains a clean surface by keeping water from penetrating the surface. This forms a layer above the exterior paint colours, preventing the paint film from peeling under any climatic conditions.

Atom 2-in-1

A multipurpose and durable paint that is great for both interiors and exteriors, this is predominantly created with inputs from designers and decorating partners. It is based on acrylic modified emulsion, developed for maximum performance. This is suitable for interiors as it is washable and wipeable. Owing to its water resistance, it can withstand extreme rains as well. Its smooth matte finish keeps it up with trendy exterior wall paint looks.

Weatherbond Advance HB

This has been curated with unique lamination technology, specifically keeping in mind harsh and extreme weather conditions. Its silicone base gives it toughness and durability. Its heat ban technology reflects away 90% of sun rays, reducing the surface temperature by 5°C. It also does not let dust settle on the surfaces, apart from being water resistant. These properties ensure that the exterior wall paint looks clean and bright all through the year.

While people come up with amazing and trendy exterior wall painting ideas, it is important not to ignore the practicality of the painting ideas. They have to last long so that the painting need not be redone in short intervals. The recent technological advancements have helped in deep research and development of exterior wall paints that can withstand extreme and harsh climatic conditions and on any surface.

If you are looking for a good exterior wall paint idea for your home, reach out to our experts at Nippon Paint India and get the best advice and recommendations.