Experimenting with colours and perfecting combinations may be our forte, but they can also be your hobby. We’ve got some bold ideas on how to paint a house interior that appeal to your crazy creative side. These combinations are purely the result of creativity being allowed to flow freely. You will notice that once you get an idea or two, several others catch on and before you know it, you have so many great plans to repaint your homes.

Rainbow Combo:


The classic Spectrum of Violet to Red never goes out of style and comes back every year with a brand new wall painting design and styles.

Shade your home with the 7 colours of the rainbows, opting Red and Orange for your kitchens to rustle up that appetite and light Blue for your rooms to ensure a deep and lulling sleep. The shades of Violet and Indigo are known to have a profound impact on higher order thinking skills whilst Green is the most opted for colour in mediation rooms worldwide, ushering peace and tranquillity. It’s also been seen that Yellow is the parent choice for colouring their child’s playroom as it instigates movement and activity.

So as you can see, the rainbow is the ultimate package of wall colour combination. So why not incorporate this brilliant natural phenomenon into your homes?

Forest Brown:


Solid, reliable Brown is the colour of earth and is abundant in nature. Brown has been used in art since prehistoric times and is a very grounding colour in general. A different hue of Brown and Charcoal, with a delicate touch of Ebony and Chocolate to fit perfectly your wooden furniture is the perfect wall painting designs for your home. The mood is that of a cool and cosy forest where adding spots and dashes of dark Green in select places will bring the natural vibe of the forest indoors.

The colour Brown itself can be stretched to provide a wonderful contrast between a fairer Brown edging close to skin colour and a rich dark brown, reminiscent of dark wood. Aside from that, it might interest you to know that a dark Brown will always be greatly enhanced when combined with a crispy White shade. However, if you’re looking to get a much more modern and sleek wall colour combination that is incredibly relaxing and trendy, then consider pairing Brown with Blue.

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