Even in a tropical climate that India has, monsoon and rains arrive at the perfect timing all over the country. On one side, it brings joy to many, considering the relief from scorching heat. However, on the other side, it becomes a reason to worry as it may lead to water leakage and damp surfaces all over the house, especially the exteriors. Waterproofing products are the saviours, and there are different waterproofing products for different surfaces.

Exteriors like terrace, roof, and walls require extra protection to keep them from damage by rain water or even the dampness that remains throughout the monsoon season. Nippon Paint India has a range of Walltron waterproofing solutions that are perfectly suitable for Indian climatic conditions.

Waterproofing solutions for roof/terrace

Waterproofing solutions for roof/terrace

Indian households vary in range and size, but most of them have a terrace. In case of a pyramid roofing, it still required waterproofing solutions for protection. Masonry waterproofing paint, Epoxy waterproofing paint, and Acrylic waterproofing paint offered by Walltron are the variations available as waterproofing solutions for terrace/roof.

Masonry is a mixture of ceramic and latex paints. The main purpose is to avoid any kind of moisture or water seepage through the surface. It also protects from dust and pollution that may settle on the surfaces.

Epoxy is made of resins. The chemical itself is known for its water repulsion properties, and when used with painting products, it gives maximum protection from both water and harmful acids carried by initial rains.

Acrylics are elastic in nature, thereby repelling water from the surface. These are the easiest to paint and are the most suitable for surfaces with rectangular blocks.

All these products are non-toxic in nature, as being environment-friendly has been one of Nippon Paint India’s main goals since the beginning.

Waterproofing solutions for walls

Waterproofing solutions for walls

Walls are more prone to algae and fungal settlement when they are left damp for long periods of time. Exterior walls can be taken care of from the time of construction and Nippon Paint India offers varied solutions in the Walltron range of products to tackle this problem.

Hydroshield damp proof solutions by Walltron are suitable to be used at the time of construction. While painting the walls, these can be used as the base coat as they form a thick elastic layer that does not allow water seepage. These are fibre reinforced coating, and hence do not crack or fade for a long time.

Including Waterproof putty before painting ensures double safety along with waterproof painting on top. Even if the paint wears off after several years, the waterproof putty ensures durability.

Waterproofing products

If you have missed waterproofing during construction, Walltron’s Hydroshield Waterproof Exterior Emulsion is the solution. This is applied as the top coat, and even has the capacity to bridge small cracks on the wall. The biggest advantage is that it still maintains the breathability of the walls, thereby maintaining normal temperatures all around.

Waterproofing products increase the value and durability of your house. If you haven’t taken care of it already, it is never too late. Experts at Nippon Paint India are here to help you find the best solutions for any kind of house.

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