IPL has become more than just sport. It is an emotion we all see ourselves in. We connect with the team as our own and follow them through their journey of ups and downs. It has now become a ritual that we participate in every year without fail. No matter where we are or what we do, it brings us all together in celebration. Reflecting a major part of our lives in our homes, something that not once fails to bring us joy, is a no brainer that we can adhere by. A die hard RCB fans? Bring in the reds of your team to brighten your home even during those dull days. Being surrounded by walls for the most part of our day, interior wall paints play a major role in deciding our mood. So why not bring in that extra flare of your favourite team to keep your morale hight and flying throughout.  

Room of Red

Painting the entirety of your room with the bright and exclusive RCB Red is the epitome of bringing the Royal Challengers into your homes. It pours out the emotion behind the choice while not backing down on aesthetics. Brainstorming interior wall paint ideas is all about finding that niche that is unique to you. Doing so while also justifying the red-ness of the room is what paints a story. Pairing the backdrop with subtle elements of wood and and neutral tones allows the red to be the main element of the space, making the room stand out from a crowd. Imagine having a get together with your friends and family, all in red with matching bandannas, shirts and flags, with the wall behind you screaming RCB as you cheer your team on to victory; it is a memory you deserve and will never forget.   

Texture It Out

Home painting colour ideas leaves you with far too many options. Even within the narrow spectrum of RCB reds, there are hundred of ways to incorporate them into your ideal aesthetics. The concept of the reds can be multi-faceted into any form of abstraction. Certain elements dont necessarily have to cater to a function, but can rather be a form of symbolism, as in the red shutters that can portray new beginnings even within closed walls. The textured paint adds a sense of sincerity to the space while, on the other hand, energising it. The lamps, positioned perfectly at the corners, brings to light the thought put behind picking the perfect hue. It is a bold step towards representing your favourite team and manifesting your support through interior wall paints regardless of where you are.   

Colours Of RCB Red

Patches of Red

Painting your entire wall red is one way to go about portraying your support, but for those who want a subtler way of showcasing the reds, there is always the option of highlighting certain walls of your home. It attracts more attention and makes your interiors pop. It is a bold and creative way to design your space. The RCB red makes a bold statement from every corner of the room and adds gravitas to the space in a unique manner. A framed poster of the Royal Challengers in all their glory, against the red backdrop will raise the standard of your passion and intensity towards the team making your home lively, zestful and fulfilling. 

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