Repair Your Spalled Concrete Using WALTRON WALL+

What Is Spalled Concrete 

Spalled concrete ultimately boils down to surface breakage. It is the cracking of concrete usually extending to the upper layers of the reinforced steel. Affecting surfaces starting from bridges, tanks, multi-story buildings, and much more, it leaves the concrete surface patchy and hollowed – exposing the elements underneath. If construction solutions are not applied at the earliest, it could lead to the widening of cracks making the structure unstable. Moreover, spalled concrete takes away from the aesthetics of the building, making it unattractive and aged.   

Causes For Breakage and Spalling Of Concrete 

  • Inferior quality of concrete 
  • Improper concrete finishing techniques 
  • Bond failure in two-course construction due to shrinkage 
  • Corrosion due to weather, etc. 
  • Freeze-thaw cycle 
  • Fire or extreme exposure to heat 

Nippon Waltron Wall+ And Its Features – A Construction Solution For All 

The Waltron Wall + from Nippon is a ready to use high quality, high performance SBR based latex. To be used to repair spalled concrete on floors, columns, beams, chajja, slabs, parapets, etc., it is a green assured perfect building construction solution that provides as a strong adhesive and bond on plasters as well as old and new concrete. Not only is it an excellent adhesive with crack prevention features, but also multitasks as an extremely fluid, abrasion resistance solution. The application is easy too! As that is required is to clean the surface, repair the spalled area by removing any excess debris and (or) contamination, saturate the area with potable water and youre good to go. Having said that, it is also vital to keep in mind certain safety precautions. Firstly wear appropriate clothes, gloves, and an eye mask. The second is to wash all the tools immediately after application and finally, in case of contact to the eye or other sensitive areas, make sure to wash immediately with water and get medical attention if required. 

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