While monsoon may be welcomed with festivities and celebrations, it also happens to be the time to secure your walls to the best of your ability. Water leakages come when you least expect them and at times even form moulds which can dampen your mood as well as your health. We never hesitate when it comes to adorning our homes with the prettiest of things but we often tend to look past what matters the most. Maintaining our homes a safe space that it needs to be starts with understanding and employing the best waterproofing solutions available. You haven’t had the time to nurse your home back to health? Not to worry, using Nippon Walltron’s few of many waterproofing solutions, it can be done in a jiffy at any point in time.

Waterproof Putty from Nippon Paint

Waterproof Putty

Leading a happy life starts with a secure and stable home. Insuring your walls are fracture free comes with the responsibility of choosing the right waterproofing solutions which in this case falls into the hands of Nippon Walltron FR-Putty. The waterproof putty ensures zero to minimal seepage and keeps your home looking fresh years after. It not only fills the gaps and cracks that might take over your otherwise beautiful wall, but also guarantees a smooth and consistent finish. Having a water and flake resistant facade that shields and protects your home from the many imperfections is the first of three ways to govern the perfect orchestration of a humble abode.

Walltron Hydroshield Dampproof is binding and waterproofing

Damproof Paint

Water proofing your walls cannot be achieved with just a single step. Damp proof paint, though cannot be used to solve an underlying issue, is a great step to take in advance to prevent such circumstances. The Nippon Walltron Hydroshield Dampproof is a fibre reinforced coating that forms a thick elastic film which covers cracks and blocks water proving to be an excellent waterproofing solution. It can be used both as a wall paint as well as a primer onto which decorative paints can be applied. The hydro shield comes with superpowers other than it being crack binding and waterproofing. It also happens to be anti-algal and anti-fungal saving us from a ton of expense and stress. This all in one damp proof paint is an easy fix to a joyful stay.

Cement coat protecting your walls

Cement Coating

Using a cementitious waterproof coating to prevent infiltration and hold out against mould and mildew is undoubtedly one of the best waterproofing solutions to adhere by. Being highly flexible with low permeability, Nippon Walltron Hydroblock 2K is an easy to apply seamless coat that puts in maximum effort into protecting your walls and increasing its durability. This two-component cementitious coating is composed of the best quality Portland cement to act as the perfect waterproofing formula to protect your homes. Without having to worry about leakages and monsoons, you can now enjoy the entirety of your time doing what you love.

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