The holistic appearance and vibe of a place depends majorly on the colour and colour combinations for home, both interior and exterior. 2021 is the year of going bold and being experimental with combinations. While maintaining a classic and aesthetic look, home owners are looking to stand out. There are different types of colour combinations for home like tone-on-tone combination, harmonious combinations, and wide contrast combinations to enhance the beauty of the house.

These are the best colour combinations for home that make it vibrant and aesthetic.

Red and pink

Red and pink combination stands as one of the best colour combinations for home that follows a tone-on-tone pattern. It means that the colours belong to a similar palette and are layered in such a way that they carry the same vibe throughout. A light and a dark shade of the same family are used for this pattern. This brings out a freshness in the room and can be used as a colour combination for home in any room like bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. Nippon paint India’s Drama Red (NP R 1288 A) and Pink Crown (NP R 1283 T) is suitable for this colour combination for homes.

Rainbow fall arrangements Best interior wall paint

Rainbow/fall arrangements

Colours in rainbows and shades of fall belong to nearby families. When they are combined, it is a beautiful concoction of colours adding to the vibrancy of a room. This idea is suitable for a large space like living room where even furniture can contribute to some shades. For instance, each wall can be of a different fall shade like Nippon Paint India’s Vivacious (NP YO 1162 A), Natural Essence (NP N 1826 T), and Cheetah Spots (NP YO 1197 A) are colour combinations for home that would suit a room when layered perfectly.

Best Yellow and Indigo interior wall Ideas

Yellow and Indigo

The days of grey and white as contrasts are gone. To accentuate the space and make it look bold and bright, the colour combination for your home is Sapphire and Mustard. The mustard adds a bit of goldish vibe that makes the space look rich and luxurious. Nippon Paint India’s Deep Trance (NP PB 1477 A) and Yellow Blaze (NP AC 2053 A) are the perfect contrasts to bring personality to the rooms.

Best Pastels color combination


If your personality is not bold, and you prefer simplicity and subtlety at all times, pastels are the best choice for rooms. Pastels are a colour combination for a home that stands for pleasant and minimalistic vibes. Pastels can be layered in the same wall or can be arranged as different colours in different walls. The key lies in matching the room accessories to carry the theme. Nippon Paint India’s Lime Frappe (NP BGG 1659 A), Just Divine (NP R 1259 T) is a colour combination for both exterior and interior.

Best Monotones with minimal contrast

Monotones with minimal contrast

Monotones are a great way to use your favourite shades in your favourite rooms. They are usually contrasted with contrasts in small proportions like the window frames, doors, furniture, etc., to accentuate the shades. Monotones work perfectly with both light and dark shades. For instance, Nippon Paint India’s Adolescence (NP PB 1392 T) with a touch of white is the best colour combination for interior.

Reach out to our experts at Nippon Paint India for customized colour combinations for your home with suggestions based on your home design and your preferences.

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