Bedroom is the space to unwind and relax. Most of the houses carry calming and relaxing colours to maintain the mood and vibe of the room. The interior wall paint ideas for bedroom have to result in a good night’s rest, and a happy waking in the morning.

The following are 8 calming bedroom wall colour ideas that are sure to keep you relaxed.

Lavender interior wall Paint ideas


Lavender flower is known for its subtle scent and a hue that is not found anywhere else. It is a combination of purple a light blue undertone that makes it unique. Even imagining the colour puts us in a relaxing mood automatically. Nippon Paint India’s Lavender Print (NP PB 1434 T) is the perfect interior colour choice for home, especially bedroom, to keep the mood cosy and calm in the bedroom.

Pink wall paint ideas


Pink, when used in the right shade and amount, can be one of the most peaceful and relaxing colours. A dusty pink shade like Nippon Paint India’s Zinnia Scarlett (NP R 1282 D) can even be considered as interior colour choice for the entire bedroom as a monotone. It can also be used in contrast with minimal white shades across the room to make it more pleasant.


Beige is the most preferred neutral shade for bedrooms. Neutral hues add dynamic to the room and have the power to mute all the noises around. It slows down the busy mind and helps them relax. It goes well with complementary furniture in sea blue or green shades. Nippon Paint India’s Almond Chip (NP N 1831 P) is the perfect interior colour choice for your bedroom.

Pale Orange

Although not popular in olden days, pale orange is the shade several homeowners pick for their bedrooms. Its light shade and cool tone allow it to radiate across the room. Orange is associated with emotional strength, and that is probably one of the reasons why it is popular as interior colour choice for bedrooms. Nippon Paint India’s Buffy Orange (NP YO 1206 T) is a shade that can guarantee a calming vibe.

Rusty Red wall paint design ideas

Rusty Red

Red is always perceived to be a strong bold colour. However, a rusty shade that mellows down the mood is what a bedroom requires. If red is your favourite colour, but you are unsure of having it as an interior colour choice in your bedroom, Nippon Paint India’s Coral Expression (NP R 1275 D) is sure to give the calm bedroom vibe.

Turquoise wall paint Design ideas


Turquoise gives space for a calm and collected mind. What else does one want in a bedroom vibe? Imagine being in front of the sea and witnessing the calm waves every day. That is the vibe Nippon Paint India’s Turquoise Beads (NP BGG 1611 D) brings to the table as a bedroom wall colour idea. Choose a lighter shade as contrast or have pops of colours in-room accessories for it to speak to you.

Grey Wall paint ideas


Grey is the safest neutral colour choice for bedroom. While a darker shade can be loud, a lighter shade like Nippon Paint India’s Burnt Ashes (NP N 1917 T) can calm and relax the mind without fail. Irrespective of the personalities living in the house, grey can be an interior colour choice for bedroom as it is adaptive and flexible

Green Wall paint Design


We have all heard the common medical advice for strained eyes – look at trees outside to relax the eyes. Waking up every day to feel rejuvenated is a feeling everyone wants to experience. Nippon Paint India’s Green Tuft (NP BGG 1666 A) is subtle, minimalistic and calming, best suitable for a tranquil experience.

These shades as interior colour choices for bedroom are sure to reflect different personalities, and have a calming effect on the mind.

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