Hey house owners, is it difficult to cherry-pick your wall paint colour? If you think choosing the paint colour is the hardest part, you are wrong; ever thought about paint sheen? Selecting the right sheen for your paint can be a challenging task. Albeit most of you miss out on this step, there are various factors that rely on your paint sheen. Now, wouldn’t you want to know what paint sheen is? Their types, and how to pick paint sheens for your home?

What is Paint Sheen?

Sheen is the amount of gloss or shines in the paint. It has a direct impact on how your paint shade looks. Paint sheen not only impacts the look of your interior and exterior walls but also on the durability, moisture resistance and maintenance. Nippon Paint has assorted sheen finishes for various spaces of your home. Take a look at the various types of paint sheens provided by Nippon Paint India.

Different Type of Paint Finishes:




High-gloss sheen is the ultimate level of glossiness a wall can own. This paint finish is shiny and reflects light in a specular way. This type of finish aids you more when you use a dark or dull colour on your wall as it reflects more light and gives a dazzling appearance. While you use a flat finish of the same colour, it absorbs more light and makes the room look darker. The high gloss finish resists moisture like no other finish, the paint holds up even in your bathroom where condensation on walls is quite frequent. This also makes this finish most suited for exterior walls. Nippon Paint’s Bodelac Enamel is one of the best high gloss paints available in the market.  The drawback of this type of sheen is it highlights bump and rolls; even a small imperfection on your walls will be in prime focus due to its high reflective nature.

Durability: Very high durability.

Applications: Exterior walls & Bathrooms.



Semi-gloss finish has a slightly glossy appearance that is not as shiny and reflective as high gloss paints. Semi-gloss paints have a high stain resistance and are easy to clean. These paints also help you to hide the flaws in your walls. If you are a person who takes pride in your cleaner and perfect walls, this will be your go-to finish. Nippon Paint’s Cleartone is good for all wooden places in your kitchens and living rooms.

Durability: High durability.

Applications: Kitchen and Living Rooms.



Satin finish has a fine degree of lustre that comes across as velvety.  The satin finish gives your room more of a glow than shine and flaunts the actual colour of your wall without reflection. They can appear both flat and glossy depending upon the lighting of your room. If the dirt on your walls is one of your pet peeves, then, satin makes it one less thing to worry about, as it can be washed easily. This feature makes it a favourite for high traffic and dirt prone areas. Nippon Paint’s Satin Glo Prime luxury interior emulsion is one of the best satin finish paints available in the market. A small drawback of satin is that the finish does not conceal the imperfections in your walls, and even exposes brush strokes and rollers. So it demands you to keep your walls smooth and blemish free.

Durability: High durability.

Applications: Family rooms, Children’s room and trims and mouldings throughout the home.



Eggshell is a finish between satin and matte; it has a flat sheen and a very subtle lustre. To be precise it resembles an eggshell and hence the name. This finish will bestow you the wall colour you wanted exactly. It does not give any shine or gloom to the paint colour. If you are planning on getting a mural in one of your walls, then eggshell sheen is the best choice to do the trick. Eggshell sheen works best for the mural as it can be cleaned and it can safely accept layers of paint on top of it. If your walls have bumps or imperfections, a coat of eggshell can disguise them more easily than satin or high-gloss finishes. It is best to keep eggshell sheen away from damaged walls. Nippon Paint’s Odour-less Aircare serves the purpose of an eggshell finish accurately.

Durability: Medium.

Application: Dining rooms and Living rooms.

Matte Paint:


Matte paint finishes have a flat, non-reflective and lustreless appearance. The muted nature of this finish aids in diffusing the light falling on them and adds richness to your interiors. It is hyperpigmented and will provide superior coverage which saves money and the time for touch up works. The muted appearance also makes the imperfections such as scratches less obvious. So, they are one of the best choices for your interior walls. Nippon Paint’s Vinilex is one of the give you the perfect matte finish.

Durability: Medium to low durability.

Applications: Bedrooms.

Textured Finish:


Textured paint finish is characterised by an authentic appearance and tactile feel. If you are fond of traditional looks and searching for the right finish, it is texture. Texture finish will increase the elegance and authenticity of your interior walls. As it is applied in thick coats, it is effective in hiding the imperfections and uneven surfaces. Nippon Paint’s Momento gives you a choice of textures to unleash your creativity. This finish also requires low maintenance and is easy to apply on a dry surface.

Durability: High.

Applications: Interior walls.

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