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When it comes to home improvement and appeal, few things have as transformative an effect as a fresh coat of paint. The right exterior paint color can breathe new life into your home, making it stand out in the neighbourhood and reflecting your personal style. As we prepare to step into 2024, now is the perfect time to explore the trending exterior paint colors that are set to make a splash in the world of home design. Whether you’re planning a full exterior renovation or a simple refresh, these color trends will guide you to a stunning transformation. 

The Power of Exterior Paint

The exterior of your home is the first thing anyone sees, and it sets the tone for what’s inside. Your choice of exterior paint color can not only enhance your home’s aesthetic but also increase its value. But where do you begin? With an ever-expanding spectrum of colors to choose from, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends. Here are the trending exterior paint colors that we think will rule the year 2024:

  1. Earthy Tones

2024 is the year of returning to nature. Earthy tones, like warm browns, rich greens, and muted terracottas, are making a significant comeback. These colors evoke a sense of serenity and harmony, connecting your home to the natural world. Colors like Friar Tuck (NP N 1869 A) and Gazing Fields (NP BGG 1616 D) will create a calming, grounded exterior, providing a welcoming touch to your home.

2. Classic Whites

When it comes to white, very little can go wrong. Sure, there is the conception that white colors get dirty soon, but classics are classics for a reason. White exterior house paint colors remain a timeless choice. Crisp and clean, white exteriors make a statement of elegance and simplicity. Try pairing our White Lace (NP OW 1004 P) with bold accents, such as a black front door or dark shutters, for a stunning contrast.

3. Bold Blues

If you’re looking for something bold and refreshing, consider shades of blue such as Out at Sea (NP BGG 1569 D) or Classical Blue (NP BGG 1581 D). Navy blue and deep oceanic hues are also quickly gaining fame amongst consumers as their first choice for exterior house paint colors. These shades exude confidence and evoke feelings of security. In addition, you could also go for a Classical Blue (NP BGG 1581 D) exterior with white trim that creates a charming, nautical-inspired look that’s both classic and captivating.

4. Muted Neutrals

Muted neutrals, such as soft grays and warm beiges, continue to be a favored choice. They provide a sophisticated, understated elegance that works well with a variety of architectural styles. These timeless hues offer a versatile backdrop for landscaping and outdoor decor, allowing your home’s exterior to shine.

5. Warm Reds

Red, when used thoughtfully, can be a captivating exterior paint color. Rich, warm reds like Sashay Red (NP R 1260 A) can infuse your home with renewed energy and a rustic charm. P.S. Red front doors, in particular, are a classic choice that adds a bold focal point to your home’s exterior.

6. Sustainable Greens

As environmental consciousness grows, sustainable greens are making a mark. Especially greens like our Green Breakers (NP BGG 1632 D). These shades not only promote a connection with nature but also signify a commitment to eco-friendly living. Whether it’s mossy greens or earthy olives, these colors harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

7. Modern Grays

Grays like Gray Drops (NP OW 1087 P), in its various shades, continue to be a preferred choice for modern homes. Light grays offer a fresh, clean look, while dark grays lend a certain drama and sophistication to your home. These neutral hues can create a perfect canvas for striking accent colors.

8. Monochromatic Palettes

Monochromatic exterior house paint colors are gaining momentum. These palettes use different shades of a single color, creating a subtle and harmonious look. Monochromatic themes provide a sense of unity and sophistication to your home’s exterior.

9. Warm Yellows

Warm yellows like our Meadow Daisy (NP YO 1141 A) are making a comeback, adding a cheerful touch to exteriors. These shades can evoke a sense of positivity and playfulness, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Pair with contrasting trims for a vibrant effect.

10. Black Accent

While not a primary exterior color, black accents, like window frames, doors, and shutters, are increasingly popular. Black can provide a striking contrast to lighter main colors and adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your home’s exterior. 

11. Desert Tones

For homes in arid regions or those with a Southwestern style, desert-inspired colors like the Impish Grin (NP YO 1195 P) are back in vogue. Think warm caramels, sandy beiges, and sunbaked oranges. These hues capture the spirit of the desert and create a distinctive, regional look.

12. Blush Pinks

Blush pink, when used sparingly, can bring a soft, romantic feel to your home’s exterior. Such pinks like the Girlish Giggle (NP R 1264 P) pairs well with whites and grays and adds a touch of elegance and charm. Blush pink front doors, in particular, are a chic choice.

13. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal grays such as the White Concrete (NP OW 1084 P) is a versatile, modern choice that adds a sense of drama and sophistication to your home’s exterior. The reason this works is it pairs so well with a variety of colors and can be used as a primary hue or an accent.

14. Cool Greens

Cool, refreshing greens such as the Green Willow (NP BGG 1667 D) evokes feelings of tranquility. These shades, inspired by nature, create a harmonious connection with your surroundings. They work well with both modern and traditional architectural styles.

15. Terracotta Accents

Terracotta accents can add a touch of Mediterranean charm to your home’s exterior. Think terracotta roof tiles, door frames, or decorative elements. These accents provide warmth and character.

Finding the Perfect Exterior Color

Selecting the perfect exterior wall paint colors for your home can be a delightful yet challenging journey. It’s crucial to consider your home’s architectural style, your personal preferences, and the colors that complement your surroundings. Remember that lighting can influence how a color appears, so it’s a good idea to test samples under different lighting conditions.

Before diving into the project, it’s advisable to consult with a professional painter or color expert to ensure that your chosen colors will work harmoniously with your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment. Additionally, be sure to use high-quality paints, like those from Nippon Paint India, to ensure a durable and vibrant finish.


2024 promises an exciting array of exterior house paint colors, offering something for every taste and style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of classic whites, the bold statement of deep blues, or the natural appeal of earthy tones, this year’s trends are diverse and inspiring. As you embark on your painting journey, let your home’s exterior reflect your personality and create a lasting impression.

Remember, the exterior of your home is a canvas waiting to be adorned. So, grab your paintbrush and let the transformation begin!


Which paint color is best for outside walls?

The best paint color for outside walls depends on your personal style, the architectural style of your home, and your surroundings. Earthy tones, classic whites, bold blues, and muted neutrals are excellent options that provide versatility and timeless appeal.

What is the most popular color for the exterior of a house?

White, in its various shades, remains one of the most popular colors for the exterior of a house. Its clean, classic appearance appeals to a broad range of tastes and architectural styles.

What exterior colors make a house look expensive?

Deep, rich colors like navy blue, forest green, and warm red can make a house look expensive. These colors add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the exterior.

What is the 2023 exterior color of the year?

While 2023 brought an array of trending colors, the “Color of the Year” was often influenced by various paint companies and style experts. However, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 was “Veri Peri,” a vibrant blend of periwinkle and lavender.

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