We enjoy watching the rain through the window during the winter season, and most of us like to roll out the curtains and sit on the couch to admire the beauty of nature. However, if the roof is not coated with waterproofing products, a wonderful rainy day can quickly turn into the worst nightmare. Usually, the roof protects us from various external factors like thunders, rain, scorching heat, and radiation at times. So, it is mandatory to construct and paint the roof with waterproofing products that are high in their standards. Here, we have provided you the right waterproofing solutions to protect your roof from damping and rainwater penetration.

Save Your Roof

Masonry Waterproofing Paint


Masonry paint, a waterproofing paint for roof is made from a mixture of ceramic and latex paints. When it comes to roof- waterproofing solutions, this paint is one of the most preferred options all over the world. The reason why this waterproofing product is used widely is that it can be applied to every type of roof and it absorbs liquid solutions (water, chemicals) very quickly. As a result, these waterproofing solutions (masonry paint) never allows rainwater to penetrate inside and keeps the roof dirt-resistant & more durable as well. The application of this paint not only restricts to waterproofing the roof, but it also waterproofs the bricks, concrete blocks, and stones. If you are an environment-friendly individual, then this paint gives you an additional benefit along with waterproofing solutions. This is possible because of the Nil percentage of lead concentration in this paint. In addition to this, the masonry paint has fungicide and algaecide properties that stop algal and fungal growth on the roof. So, we at Nippon Paint have developed a waterproofing solution and a waterproofing paint for terrace named ROOF COATING for making your roof resistant to rainwater.

Epoxy Waterproofing Paint


Epoxy paint is made from resins, and the chemical name of this paint is poly-epoxides. This is best suitable as a waterproofing paint for roof; when you face the struggle of damps on your roof. Hence, epoxy paints are known as damp-proof paints. Applying this paint on the surface of your roof can protect it from water penetration, chemicals, and even from the concentric acids. This Nippon waterproofing for roof paint is more durable because it is 5% thicker than the other waterproofing solutions & waterproofing paint for terrace. This is the reason why we have manufactured a wide range of waterproofing products in epoxy to protect your roof and the exterior from damps.

Acrylic Waterproofing Paint


Acrylic paint provides excellent waterproofing solution and is best suitable in waterproofing paint for roof & waterproofing paint for terrace, built with rectangular blocks. Applying this waterproofing solution on the roof surface along with a primer will ensure your roof’s durability, increases the resistance against water (irrespective of PH level). Whenever rains, the elastic property in acrylic waterproofing solution allows the paint to contract and expel water from the roof surface.

Unlike the other waterproofing solutions and waterproofing paint for terrace, acrylic paints are easy to apply and non-toxic in nature. You can use rollers, sprayers, and even brushes to coat your roof surface with acrylic paint. Odour-free and quick-drying are the desirable features of this roof waterproofing product.

You can raise a question that how I can find Nippon Paint’s waterproof paint store near me. For customer’s convenience, we have spread hundreds of our Nippon retail shops in each district, and in every outlet, you can find the waterproofing paints in a wide range of colours.

FAQ - Waterproofing Paint

1. How to remove waterproofing paint from skin?
Use some ready-made solutions available at the retail paint shops and apply it on the skin, wipe it off.

2. How to use waterproofing paint?
Apply waterproofing paint with the aid of professional painting experts. For better experience contact Nippon Paint PRO Store.

3. What are the types of waterproofing?
Cementitious Waterproofing.
Liquid Waterproofing Membrane.
Bituminous Membrane.
Bituminous Coating.
Polyurethane Liquid Membrane.

4. What is the best waterproofing paint for concrete?
Masonry waterproofing paint is the best fit for concretes.

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