What according to you is a living room? It is not just a big open area in your two bedroom domicile filled with couches and a TV. The living room is much more than that. It is the space where you and your family members gather to spend time together. The living room is the right space for any kind of occasion, be it traditional or formal. Being at the forefront of your house it is the ideal place to welcome your guests and allow them to relax, converse, and relish in the comforts of your home.

With all its purpose having relation building as a common thing, the ambience of your living room needs to be pleasant and warm. When it comes to ambience, your wall paint colours play a vital role. The colours around you have a great influence on your mood and mind state. So, here are 10 wall paint colour ideas that make your living room more pleasant.

1. Neutrals:


The living room serves various purposes, and the wall paint colour you choose should aid the purpose you want. If you envision your living room being less of a point of attraction and more of pleasant space for your family to spend some memorable time, then Nippon Paint’s neutral Drifting By (NP N 1838 P) and Sapling (NP N 1847 T) is felicitous for it.

2. Accents:


Not everyone is going to visit your bedroom, kitchen or other places in your house. It is your living room that leaves a mark on your visitors, and an accent wall will do the trick perfectly for you. Nippon Paint’s accent wall colour Oregano leaves (NP AC 2127 A) is one colour that makes your living room look bigger and affable. Apart from that, Nippon Paint as a wide range of accent shades collection, choose the accent that matches your living room and make it a friendly environment.

3. Blue:


One of the toughest things to crack while painting your living room is finding the middle line between bold and subtle. Opting for a saturated blue will achieve the perfect boldness. Nippon Paint’s High Trek (NP BGG 1584 T) will add adequate boldness and a dose of richness to your living room.

4. Orange:


Orange is a colour shade that will ease your tensions. Bright and bold or subtle and gloomy, either way, orange ensures a pleasing and delightful atmosphere in your living room. It also enhances the complimenting colours and creates some of the best colour combinations for the living room. Nippon Paint’s Cheetah Spots (NP YO 1197 A) blended with Walden White (NP OW 1010 P) makes your living room look dazzling.

5. Yellow:


If your living room needs to be warm, welcoming and bright, you got to choose a warmer colour. No warm colour infuses warmth better than yellow. Yellow spreads a brightness and warmth like the sun. Yellow can be paired with other accent colours and it will still be the centre of attention. Sun Ray (NP YO 1114 A) from Nippon Paint is a flamboyant shade of yellow that beautifies your living room.

6. Red:


Red not only enhances the ambience for romance, but it is also better suited for socialising and hostility. Thus, red is also more befitted colour for living room. Red makes your living room cosy and ensures the inmates feel more connected. Red used properly with white creates the perfect colour combination for your living room. Diva (NP R 1267 A) and Intimate White (NP OW 1007 P) from Nippon Paint will bring this combination to reality.

7. Off-White:


White is a good undertone for a living room. It looks cool and has a nice glow to it, which spreads a genteel and blissful mood in your living room.  With so many variants and minimal differences, choosing white can be a bit tricky. Nippon Paint’s Snow White (NP OW 1002 P) and the range of colour shades in off-white can give you the perfect notion about the shades in white.

8. Purple:


It is not necessary to buy costly rich interiors to flaunt your courtly nature. Purple walls perfectly matched with minimal decors will put your message across. Wild Iris (NP PB 1401 D) is a shade of purple from Nippon Paint, facile nature of it gives a subtle and elegant look to your living rooms.

9. Lime Green:


Lime green hue which is such a perfect option for your living room wall, as it represents the freshness of nature. Coating a delicate colour like lime green in your living room walls provides a lively ambience to it. Nippon Paint’s Lime Time (NP BGG 1673 A) will give your living room the ideal freshness for your family.

10. Pastels


Pastel colours can be a gorgeous and unique living room paint colour. The soft nature of the pastels has a great impact on the ambience both physically and aesthetically. These soft colours make your living room more pleasant for your children. Nippon Paint’s Cool Drift (NP OW 1064 P) and Wafting Wave (NP OW 1071 P) are some of the living room paint colours.

Still, you think the living room is all about couches and furniture? If not, choose the right colour for your living room and make it the best place for your family time.

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