Interior wall paints for home are some of the most crucial decisions in designing a house. The reason is simple – you are going to live there for several years at least. How a home makes you feel is determined by many factors, including the interior wall paints of the home. Colours have a unique capability of shifting your mood based on the vibe they emit.

Soothing colours are usually preferred by homeowners who wish to maintain a subtle vibe and carry a subtle personality themselves. Having soothing colours for interior walls of the living room keeps the overall energy calm and composed. This is an ideal way to maintain the interior walls of the living room as that is the space occupied by everyone most of the times at home. 

Here are the top 8 soothing interior wall paint ideas for living room. 

White and grey Interior wall paint ideas Nippon Paint

White and grey 

White has been the most preferred colour for living room, especially in 2021, according to several interior designers. White brings peace and harmony within the household. It is also versatile as it can be complemented by any furniture and accessories. Since colour combinations are trending in interior wall paints for home, mix white with a little bit of grey like Gray Dolphin (NP N 2046 P), and you have the combination of the year! Grey subtly complements white and does not stand out too bright, making it the ideal choice. 

Off white and pink 

Continuing in the lines of combinations for interior wall paints of home, living rooms can look both calm and fun. Pink like Strawberry Ice (NP R 1266 T) has a natural floral tendency, giving it a blush look all over. Combining with off white like Walden White (NO OW 1010 P) works wonders as the calm tone is maintained yet giving out some variation in the interior wall paint for home and living room. This can also be paired with pops of neutrals to create a fun pattern all over the living room. 

Soft greens 

Greens are usually associated with bold and bright shades. However, soft greens like Green Gazette (NP BGG 1630 T) add to a nature inspired earthy vibe, while maintaining a calm environment. Green is associated with prosperity and positivity, thus choosing soft green as your colour choice for interior wall paint for home and living room will be the most appropriate. 

Calming blues 

Calming blue shades like sky blue and light blue have relaxing properties and are suitable for the living room to sit back and chill. Pops of white add to the serene look and gives a sight of clouds in the comfort of the living room. Subtle blue shades like Great Outdoors (NP BGG 1567 P) are in trend as many people prefer a natural environment as interior wall paint for home ever since they have been confined in homes due to the pandemic. Even otherwise, light shades of blue are a great choice for living rooms. 


Mauve and violet have blue as their base, thereby contributing to a relaxing and calm mood in the living room. While darker shades have back undertones, a light shade like Vivaville (NP PB 1409 T) with blue undertone is the best choice for a fun living room vibe. Mauve is associated with inner peace and brings balance.  


A warm and cosy household feels like a hug, doesn’t it? Tan is that warm tone you are looking for in the interior wall paint for home to achieve that warm hug. Tan shade like Weatherburn Tan (NP N 1819 T) is not the first preference for many homeowners, but it is one of the most versatile shades. It can be used in minimal sense as a neutral to highlight other colours, or can also be used as a base and major colour in the living room. Either way, it is an inviting wall paint colour for your home. 

Mild yellow 

While bright yellows stimulate the mind, mild and soft yellows like Yellow Pendant (NP YO 1105 T) have the capacity to soothe the mind and create a pleasant vibe in the room. Imagine being soaked in the morning young sun rays every day. That’s what mild yellow offers as an interior wall paint for home. Living room being lit with this soft shade is the pleasant surrounding one would prefer all days. 


We’ve already discussed the significance of green and blue. Put these two together for better effect, and you are left with the beautiful shade of teal like High Trek (NP BGG 1596 A). Without being too out there, teal offers life to the living room. Any interior wall paint for home with such a shade will bring it to life and keeps the room mildly active at all times. 

These shades as interior colour choices for bedroom are sure to reflect different personalities, and have a calming effect on the mind.

Gone are the days when bright colours stood out. Soothing colours are preferred as everyone wants to have a relaxing sense in their homes. To know what would be the best interior wall paint of your home, reach to our experts at Nippon Paint India and get the best suggestions and pricing

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