Even the best wall paint designs originate from a seed on an idea. Every house can be made into a home; all it requires is some creativity and experimentation. Never hold back when it comes to designing your household. Its the one space we spend most of our lives in. In recent times, with the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, the value of a well designed home has multiplied many fold. Your house is a space that should be a your heaven on earth and wall paint designs are a foolproof way of achieving your goal. Its always best to take inspiration while making vital choices; here are a few compelling wall paint designs to adorn your home with.  

Wall Paint Designs

Sea Breeze

Pastels bring out the the underlying beauty of every room. A well lit space, with bigger than life French windows allowing natural light to enter in abundance, paired with a soothing Wafting Wave (NP OW 1071 P) green, creates an atmosphere of the calm before the storm; the presence of which leaves you with a clear head and a logical mindset. Utilising a popcorn textured surface finish to go with the green enhances the feel of the space further by adding a play of mild highlights and shadows, making it picture perfect.

Accents and Expressions

Accent walls have the ability too make spaces pop. Even a single painted wall can bring the space together through colour and expression. It gives the room an identity while providing as a backdrop to add that extra punch to the space to keep you motivated. Any colour from a Deep Safron (NP AC 2051 A) to Green Seascape (NP AC 2106 A) to a Cottilion Red (NP AC 2071 A) can be used to paint the walls. Though the mood created might change with the colour used, the overall purpose of the wall will remain the same throughout.  

Bold Facades

This minimal yet enticing space makes use of bold, loud colours to convey its message. Red Martini (NP AC 2073 A), a magnifying neutral shade is one that creates a serene atmosphere. It brings to the platter a royal and finished look, exuding calmness and a sense of satisfaction into its audience. A clean and composed wall paint design where in the entire room speaks volumes of the aesthetic of its owner while also going about its own tale of grandeur and pride. 

Sets of Chic

Though dark shades, blacks and greys are generally shunned upon in Indian societies, they give the room a new age look and feel. The Opera Night (NP PB 1470 A) grey-blue with contrasting crimson red furniture along with a simple plater and picture frame is all that is needed to take the space to new levels of ceremonial magnetism. 

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