Let’s be honest. Interior walls are conversation starters, and are the first things guests and visitors notice in your house. Shouldn’t they be the best part of the house? The trends of interior wall designs have become common and affordable.

One of the most popular versions of interior wall designs is to have an accent wall. Accent wall is the one that stands out from the rest and is given different colours, textures, or designs to them. These accent walls in interior wall design can be decorated in multiple ways, depending on the taste, style, and personality the owners want to express through the interior wall design.
Here are the top 5 interior wall designs to choose among the current trends

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Texture paint

Wall Texture paints are created with small tools to give a three-dimensional effect to the walls. While the base is created with normal paint, they are accentuated with textures made of tools like cloth, paint brush, paint rollers, sponge, putty knives, etc. They add both colour and aesthetics to the interior wall design. Texture designs like popcorn, orange peel, trowel, knockdown are some of the most preferred texture paints in interior wall design from Nippon Paint India’s Momento Dzine collection.


Wallpapers are the most cost effective and easy to implement choices for interior wall design for home. While wallpapers are ideal for accent walls, some homeowners use them on all walls as well. Wallpapers can be replaced whenever one wishes to, and serve as an option even in rented houses. Since they are so versatile, wallpapers are a go-to in most of the households for interior wall design.


Panelling is modern interior wall design technique that uses waterproof fibreboard. These boards are lined with lamination or paper or fabric, providing a layer of protection and added style. The biggest advantage of this style of interior wall design is that these panels can be reused in case of relocation or moving the interior wall design to a different wall or room. These panels are also convenient to install and give a sophisticated look.


A multipurpose and durable paint that is great for both interiors and exteriors, this is predominantly created with inputs from designers and decorating partners. It is based on acrylic modified emulsion, developed for maximum performance. This is suitable for interiors as it is washable and wipeable. Owing to its water resistance, it can withstand extreme rains as well. Its smooth matte finish keeps it up with trendy exterior wall paint looks. 

Stone cladding

If you are looking for a country style interior wall design for your home, stone cladding is the best choice for you. This technique involves decorative covering over walls using real or stimulated stones. Since the pattern is quite irregular, it adds a rustic look to the walls. Stones like granite, sandstone, slate or materials that look like stone can be used for these. These can be used in any part of the house, especially as accent walls.

Interior wall designs are always a hit, provided it is done carefully. The trend of decorating all the walls is no more, and accent walls are contemporary and unique. Each homeowner’s taste and style can be brought out with interior wall designs in the homes.

If you are looking for someone to choose or help you with interior wall designs, reach out to our experts at Nippon Paint India for assistance.

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