Each house comes with its own set of unique thresholds and corners. Spending enough time deciding on the narrative for your space is important. Never make a hasty decision while choosing wall paints as they are a major determining factor in how you feel. Your home represent who you are and it is always good to research and take references while paining your them. Here are a few tips to achieve the best look for your home.

Wall Paint Colour Ideas

Colour Theory

Study basic colour theory to understand the nuances of choosing the right paints. Developing a sense for hues that compliment each other will make your home pop. While browsing through wall paint colour ideas, make note of the number of colours you want in the space. Going bold with multiple colours is always encouraged but it is also important to not over do on the quantity to maintain the perfect balance. Once you have picked out the colours that work for you, always make use of swatches and testers to ensure the paints look equally good on your walls as they did during the ideation process.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are an all time favourite. Regardless of how the rest of the space is designed, having a facade that makes a statement from across the hall will bring the space to life under any condition. Be it a mild yellow or a deep dark green, it is a simple and effective solution to bring into your home an explosive bang of colour

Utilise the Ceiling

What most people forget about is the ceiling. It is a significant part of your home that is rarely given any though. Considering the ceiling to be a fifth wall will add extract the monotony from your home. Never hold back when it comes to ideation. Go all out and experiment with every wall available. Use bright and bold colours to pain your ceiling with pairing it with a neutral tones wall. If not the entirety of your ceiling, outlines and grooves are always available in taking your home from dull to extravagant.


All home paining colour ideas start with deciding a theme. Whether is is a colour palette or certain finish and feel, narrowing down on the concept before hand will make the selection process easier. From surface finishes to design patterns, confining within the boundaries of a theme will ultimately aid in tying the place together.

Shades and Tints

Using tones of the same colour is a sure shot way to ensure harmony. Taking up two or three shades of a hue and using them at varying degrees of space and positioning will bring your wall painting colour ideas to life giving the space a professional touch.

Furniture and Lighting

Use your furniture as a starting point in fi arising your colour choices. If the space has a mordent minimalist look a white or a singular bold colour might accentuate its features where as if its a predominantly wood and cane oriented space, rustic neutrals might help dramatise the space. Having said that, analysing your windows and points of entry for natural as well as artificial light is an important factor is determining the end product. Positioning your artifice lights again accent walls or spaces you want to highlight within the space will change the look and feel of your home entirely.

Feeling of the Space

: Colour is not just an added accessory but rather a defining factor in what the space intend to be used for. Using colours that represent the emotion and function of the space is important. Paining your entire bedroom red might nit be the best solution for the rooms requirement but, at the same time, using the same colour for your gym will amplify the purpose of the room, keeping you motivated going. Go though what each colour represent items of feel and response before raping up your home painting colour ideas.

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