Gone are the days when the whole house was painted with the same interior colour. While the term ‘modern’ is up to interpretation, there are some edgy trends taking the interior home paint world by storm. Modernity embraces extremes of choices in interior home paint ideas, from a simple white shade to a deep and dark shade like burgundy. It also embraces monotony and combination on equal levels.

Here are some of the interior home painting colour ideas to spice up your home.

Red wall color paint Ideas


A bright room reflects a bright mood. Red indicates energy and confidence, and why wouldn’t you want to make a statement with this home interior paint idea in your room? A deep shade like Nippon Paint India’s Knockout Red (NP R 1281 A) provides boldness without being overwhelming to the eyes. It can either be used to cover the entire room or as an accent.

White color Interior wall paint


A classic can never go out of fashion. If you are looking to exhibit a calm and serene environment in any room, white should be your go-to colour. An off-white shade like Nippon Paint India’s Daisy White (NP OW 1014 P) offers both versatility and tranquillity for a home interior paint idea. This can be used in spaces that demand cosiness like bedroom or bathroom.

Green Color interior wall paint


A Bamboo Leaf (NP BGG 1792 A) shade is one of the most versatile colours. It can be used in combination with contrasting colours like red, white, maroon, etc., as an interior home paint idea. It also emits both peace and richness, elevating even a boring décor in a room. While greens can be used for the entire room, combination makes a bigger statement. Find the Trendy Wall Painting Color Ideas for your Home

Blue color interior wall paint


If you are averse to deep or bold colours, blue offers a neutral shade and presents a subtle and not-so-overwhelming feeling in the interior home paint. Pops of blue with contrasts also adds a posh look and accentuates the colours in their true essence. A subtle shade like Nippon Paint India’s Founder Blue (NP PB 1527 D) contrasting with white or yellow would sing beautifully on the walls.

An interior home paint idea is considered modern based on the colour choices and not the architecture. Any architecture can be made to look modern and trendy with interior colours as mentioned above. So, choose from the varied range of Nippon Paint India and make a statement with your interior wall colours.

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