Gone are the days when the whole house was painted with the same interior colour. While the term ‘modern’ is up to interpretation, there are some edgy trends taking the interior home paint world by storm. Modernity embraces extremes of choices in interior home paint ideas, from a simple white shade to a deep and dark shade like burgundy. It also embraces monotony and combination on equal levels.

Here are some of the interior home painting colour ideas to spice up your home.

Brown Color Interior wall Paint


The richness that bronze gives to an interior is unmatchable. What used to be a part of industrial buildings is now one of the most common wall paint colours in the modern houses. It shows warmth and adds a beautiful dynamic to the space. A shade like Nippon Paint India’s Bronze Trophy (NP AC 2125 A) can stand good on its own or even be a combination to a lighter creamy shade.

Best Interior corals color Nippon Paint


Corals are a blend of pink and orange. If you are looking for a wall paint colour idea that stands for optimism, corals should be your ultimate choice. While both pink shade like Nippon Paint India’s Just Divine (NP R 1259 T) and orange shade like Autumn Lights (NP YO 1213 P) can be used on their own, separating them and using them as a combination has proven to be a certain winner.

Mellowed purple

While the deep and bright purple was trending a couple of years ago, now is the time for mild and mellowed down shades of purple. This wall paint colour not only has a subtle tone, but also gives out the energy and intensity of the brighter shades. Choose a colour like Nippon Paint India’s Red Purple (NP PB 1407 A) that is the right shade that is neither too bright nor too light. This has been a popular choice of living room wall paint colours.

These are the most popular wall paint colour ideas applicable to both larger spaces like living room and smaller spaces like guest rooms or dining rooms. Nippon Paint India’s experts have curated the best shades for your homes, and help you transform them into the dream space you have always wanted to own.

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