Does your plan for 2022 involve building a new home, renovating an old space or repainting the current home? We got your back with the suggestions for the best exterior wall paints that are going to trend in 2022. This is going to be a year of new ideas and innovations. The focus will be on nuances rather than just the overall look of it.

The composition of exterior wall paints depends on the colour combination chosen, and the paint colours of accessories like doors and windows to compliment them for a complete appearance. While some classic colours never go out of trend, several homeowners are looking to experiment with bold and risky colours, only for them to pay off. Gone are the days of safe choices.

Here are the top 3 exterior wall paint ideas for 2022.

Best exterior wall paint ideas 2022

 White and subtle shades

While white and off-white were a risky choice for exterior wall paint, they are making a comeback in 2022. It can be combined with other lighter and more subtle shades like soft yellow (Softly Lit NP YP 1138 P) or soft violet (Soft Melody NP PB 1439 P) to make a wonderful sight on the exterior. The advantages of using lighter shades are that they virtually make the space look bigger and absorb less heat if you live in a tropical place like India. They also provide a beautiful contrasting façade to dark surroundings like gardens and large trees.

Dark facades

Dark shades like Greenway (NP BGG 1624 A) and brown will be suitable for houses that look to carry a bold yet calm vibe into 2022. The dark exterior helps in choosing accent colours to use for architectural structures like doors and windows. Dark shades also require fewer coatings and can withstand long periods. They add an edgy vibe to the exteriors, which has been missing until 2021. Bold yet inviting colours will be the trend in exterior wall paint ideas in 2022

Moody neutral hues

While white and off-white remain popular, moody neutral hues for exterior wall paint ideas will take over as the newest idea in 2022. Shades like Woodbox (NP N 1822 T), Pitter Patter (NP N 1933 D) are appealing and bold yet not too heavy. These hues will go well with wooden structures like doors, windows, outside furniture, pillars, etc. The overall aim is to make it a warm and inviting look while maintaining a calm and composed vibe.

As one can see, 2022 seems to be the year that caters to all kinds of styles and tastes in exterior wall paint colour ideas. Nippon Paint India offers a wide range of options for homeowners to choose from. If you are confused about the choice for exterior wall paint ideas, reach out to our experts and experience the best service.

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