Have you ever imagined yourself in a song from a movie where you paint your own walls, albeit being messy? Make the song a reality and avoid the mess with Nippon Paint’s DIY kit, where you create your own masterpiece. Nippon Paint India offers a wide range of DIY kits to make your walls your own canvas. Now everyone can become an artist with our wall painting designs. 

Why DIY kit? 

Anything you create has a personal touch and is probably the most satisfying to see the outcome. What if we say that it does not take much to see this outcome? With Nippon Paint’s interior wall painting designs, you just have to follow the simple instructions that come along with the kit and anyone can create their own wall painting designs. 

Who can do it?  

You need not be an artist or have experience in using paint in any form. Nippon Paint DIY kit can be used by anyone willing to find happiness in creating their own interior wall painting designs according to their wish at their own time and pace.  

How to do it?  

Buy any of the DIY wall painting design kits from Nippon Paint and read through the instructions. The required equipment and mixing tools come with the package, and you do not have to worry about buying anything beyond just the kit. 

Here are a couple of examples: 


Step1: Apply the Momento Primer and let it dry completely. 

Step2: Get your desired colour from the Nippon Paint Momento Elegant range, and mix it. 

Step3: Start at the corners and finish painting the wall criss-cross. 


Step1Apply two coats of Nippon Paint Satin Glo and let it dry completely. 

Step2: Mix the special effects variant and apply it over the wall at 45° until it is fully coated. Once the paint dries, the pearl effects pop and give a bright texture. 


As you can see, each DIY kit make creating your own wall painting designs a smooth and easy experience. It does not take more than three steps to achieve any effect you desire. Every room requires a different vibe, and we’ve got it all covered. Check out the wide range available, and order your own kit right away. Feel like an expert in two simple steps. 

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