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When transforming the look and feel of your home’s exterior, choosing the right wall paint texture can make all the difference. The texture of the paint not only adds visual interest but also creates an aesthetically pleasing tactile experience that can elevate the overall look and feel of your dream home. In this blog, we will explore the top five exterior wall paint textures that can give your home a fresh and appealing appearance. 

A Smooth Finish

A smooth finish is a classic choice for exterior walls that always stays in style. This texture offers a clean and contemporary look, making it suitable for modern and traditional homes. It provides a sleek and sophisticated appearance that complements various architectural styles. Additionally, a smooth finish on an exterior wall is relatively easier to clean and maintain, making it a practical option for homeowners. Whether you opt for a bold colour like Cheers (NP AC 2061 A) or a neutral shade such as Perfumed Powder (NP N 1845 P), a smooth finish is sure to enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a lasting impression. 

Stucco Texture

Stucco texture is a wide choice for exterior walls due to its versatility and durability. This textured finish is achieved by applying a mixture of cement, sand, and water to the wall surface, creating a rough and uneven appearance. Stucco textures are generally associated with neutral colours like Healing Touch (NP N 1837 P) and Nature Walk (NP N 1880 P). This texture is not just visually appealing but is also highly resistant to weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for both hot and cold climates.

Brick Effect 

If you want an elegant look for your home’s exterior, the texture of the brick effect is ideal. This texture replicates the appearance of traditional brickwork without the need for actual bricks. It creates an illusion of depth and texture, adding visual interest to your walls. You can achieve the brick effect texture using specialized paint techniques and tools, making your home look like brickwork. Whether you prefer a classic red brick like Sashay Red (NP R 1260 A) or a more contemporary colour like Vivacious (NP YO 1162 A), the brick effect texture can transform your home into an appealing space by elevating your home’s aesthetic.

Wood Grain

The wood grain texture offers a perfect solution for those seeking a warm and natural look. This texture imitates the appearance of wood, bringing a touch of nature to your home’s exterior. It offers a low-maintenance alternative to natural wood, as it is resistant to damage. Whether you want a rustic cabin feel or a modern timber look, the wood grain texture can transform your home into a cosy retreat. 

Roughcast Texture 

The roughcast texture is worth considering if you desire a textured exterior that projects character. You can achieve this texture by mixing small stones, pebbles, or shells into the paint, creating a textured surface with a unique and rugged appearance. The roughcast texture provides a natural and earthy feel to your home, adding a touch of personality. It is an excellent choice for homes in coastal areas. The texture usually pairs well with muted colours such as Nippon Paint’s Gardenia  (NP OW 1077) or Green Whimsey (NP OW 1074 P) 

Choosing the right exterior wall paint texture can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your home. With the right exterior wall paint texture, you can enhance the appearance of your home, create a welcoming atmosphere, and enjoy a space that reflects your style and personality for years to come. 



Which texture is best for exterior walls?

Stucco, brick, stone, or smooth finish are common choices for exterior wall textures. Brick and stone textures provide an exquisite and natural look, while stucco offers a versatile and long-lasting option. Ultimately, picking a texture that enhances the overall exterior’s aesthetic appeal is vital. The preferred architectural style of the building affects the texture choice for exterior walls.

Is texture paint good for exterior walls? 

Yes, texture paint is an excellent option for exterior walls. It adds visual interest and depth to the walls and provides additional protection against weather elements. It can help to hide imperfections on the surface and improve the overall durability of the exterior walls. However, choosing a high-quality texture paint specifically formulated for external use and ensuring proper surface preparation for optimal results is essential. 

What is texture paint? 

Texture exterior paint is a type of paint containing additives or aggregates to create a textured finish on the exterior walls. These additives can include sand, granules, or other materials that provide a three-dimensional texture to the paint surface. You can employ exterior texture paint to enhance the visual appeal of the walls, mask surface imperfections, and provide added protection against weather conditions.

Can you add texture to the exterior paint?

Yes, you can add texture to the exterior paint to achieve the desired finish. You can mix texture additives or aggregates into the paint before application. You can create specific textures using sand, crushed stone, or textured additives. Most importantly, testing the texture mixture on a small area before applying it to the entire exterior surface is better. 

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