Sanitizing your walls is the need of the hour:

Sanitizing Your Walls

With the current pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, and all of us are preparing for the new world, we cannot overlook the need to take precautions both outside and within our homes. Walls are one of the places that we must thoroughly investigate to ensure the health of our family members that we love so much.

The wall is one place that will allow the insects and diseases to stay around because the environment is not clean on the outside. The corners and the cracks in the walls can allow for pests to make their way into your home. It can be quite difficult to get rid of them if you do not take care of the conditions. If you want the protection of a cleaner place, then you must take care of it yourself and make sure that the walls are safe to touch for all family members.

It is important to sanitise your walls before this pandemic virus can spread in a great way and cause so much harm. This is something that must be taken care of and there are several ways by which you can get this done. Dust and mop the floors to keep them clean. It is of utmost importance that you paint your home with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal paints.

Necessary Steps For Your Protection Inside Your Home:

Protection Inside Your Home

If you live in a house that is properly maintained, you will be able to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the outside world, whether you are in your home or on the job. A healthy lifestyle and best in class wall paint will ensure that your house is kept clean and fresh, and your walls and floors are free from stains and dirt. In order to keep you and your family safe in your home, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps for your house protection.

The first step you should take is to give your home a healthy environment that ensures the circulation of clean air. This means that you need to make sure that there are enough sunlight and no indoor pollution. You also need to install a window for ventilation and fresh air in your home. But this is not enough. You need to maintain all the spaces in your home as well, including, windows, doors, vents, and doors, and the area around the door, with a light material and clean cloths.

Also, you need to make sure that you have the right mold control products to remove the molds and the spores that are growing in your home. You need to take the right steps for your protection inside home and paint the walls with the best wall paints, in order to keep away from harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Here is a list of things you should take care while sanitizing your home:

Start in Your Laundry Room:

Sanitizing Your Laundry Room

Dirty laundry can fill your washer with bacteria and viruses. Run your washer empty with a cup of bleach once a week to keep it fresh. Also, to kill germs, wash and dry your laundry at the highest temperature the fabric can stand.

Clean Your Towels:

Clean Your Towels

Wash your towels frequently. Wash after every use when someone is sick. Hang towels to air dry.

Oust Bedroom Germs:

Oust Bedroom Germs

Wash all bed linens at least once a week in hot water and more often if someone is sick.

Sanitize Your Family Room:

Sanitize Your Family Room

Germs are present in the place you use more often, especially spots everyone touches like telephones, coffee tables, TV remotes, and video controllers. Use disinfectant wipes and clean them often.

Clean Knobs and Railings:

Germs spread quickly on doorknobs, cabinet handles, railings, taps, light switches, and lamps. Sanitize these surfaces once a week using disinfecting wipes or a disinfectant.

Clean & Wipe Down the Office:

sanitizing and wipe down your office

Computer keyboards, desktops, cell phones and telephones are where the germs breed, especially if you share equipment or eat while you work. Shake out your keyboard often, then use a wipe to disinfect it. Or, get a skin for your computer keyboard and don’t forget to wash it.

Sanitize the Kitchen Sink:

Sanitize the kitchen sink and get it free from lurking bacteria. Scrub it with a disinfecting cleanser every day.

Thoroughly Scour the Bathroom:

Sanitizing Your Bathroom

Make an all-purpose bathroom cleaner by blending 2 tablespoons of dish liquid & ammonia each, and 4 cups of warm water. Use this for the tub, sink, floors, and shower. Rinse with clean water. A baking soda paste can help get rid of marks in the sink or tub.

Sanitize Your Kids’ Room:

Sanitize Your Kids Room

Once a week, wipe down all surfaces in your child’s room with disinfecting wipes or spray. If you have a baby, be sure to clean the diaper changing area, crib rails and slats, and plastic toys. Leave the disinfectant on for at least 30 seconds and then wipe well with moist paper towels or a clean, wet cloth.

Don't Forget Hallways and Carpets:

sanitize hallways and carpets

You’re tracking germs every time you walk inside your home with shoes which can cause illness. Leave your shoes outside your door or leave them on the shoe rack for the cleanest floors and carpets. If you wear shoes inside, vacuum carpets and wash floors once a week.

Why walls are affected more?

One of the worst affected parts of a home during this pandemic are the walls of your home. There is no denying to the fact that this situation coupled with monsoon can cause the maximum damage to your den. One of the worst affected with the downpour, are the walls of your house. Leakage, cracks, mold, fungus, etc., can be a nightmare for any homemaker. In order to experience clean indoor air make sure to use wall paints which enhances your health and wellness of you and your family. Nippon Paint presents to you anti-microbial and anti-bacterial paints which can kill 99 percent of the germs present on your walls.

Wall Paints That Protect Against Bacteria & Virus:

wall paints protect against bacteria and virus

As already mentioned, it is of dire importance that we protect our walls from harmful bacteria and virus, especially to tackle the pandemic situation now and the similar kind in the future. Keeping in mind to offer the ultimate protection from harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms, Nippon Paint has formulated the paints below, which provides proven protection from any harmful micro-organisms inside your home.

Here’s the list of paints from Nippon Paint with state-of-the-art technology to protect your indoors:

Importance of Disinfecting Kids' Rooms:

Kids can easily catch and spread germs easily. It is pre-eminent that kids’ rooms should be given more importance during this pandemic in order to keep them hale and healthy. Focusing on the three important stages of childhood such as infanthood, toddlerhood, and pre-schoolers, Nippon Paint presents to you NIPPON PAINT KIDZ ALL-IN-ONE PAINT, which is aimed to champion indoor safety and wellness for all children and to empower all parents to give their children clean air to breathe, safe indoor environment, indoor safety, and health and wellness.


Nippon Paint Satin Glo Prime, a luxury interior emulsion is a pure acrylic emulsion with anti-bacterial technology formulated to impart high sheen to decorate interior walls. It possesses excellent washability and stains resistance to keep the walls beautiful for long, exhibiting properties such as stain-resistant, protection against bacteria, while keeping safe and healthy interiors and residents healthy.


Nippon Paint Satin Glo+ is a premium interior wall emulsion specially formulated with anti-bacterial property to bestow a rich glossy satin-like sheen to decorate interior walls. It possesses excellent wash-ability and stains resistance to keep the walls beautiful for a longer time, manifesting properties such as stain-resistant, protection against bacteria, thereby maintaining safe and healthy interiors, providing healthy environment, keeping the walls hygienic and residents healthy and ensuring healthy interiors


Nippon Paint Odourless Air-Care is an air-purifying paint that contains active carbon technology which converts formaldehyde into water vapor, bringing about the clean fresh air. Also, it does not contain lead and mercury, it is ideal for eco-sensitive buildings, while it extraordinarily purifies the air, keeping hygienic surroundings and healthy interiors, which is proved to be safe for kids & elders.

Features and Benefits of the Wellness and Hygiene Range from Nippon Paint:

  1. Anti – Formaldehyde with Active Carbon Technology: It continuously absorbs harmful air pollutants of the indoor space such as formaldehyde to convert them into water vapor and clean fresh air ensuring a healthy indoor environment
  2. Silver Ion Technology: Walls and other surfaces can transmit diseases like Influenza A, E-coli infection, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infection, and Staphylococcus Aureus Infection. The Silver Ion Technology present in Nippon Paint KIDZ can help your children and you have walls that are safe to touch
  3. Anti – Stain Technology: It is non-porous, high-density stain phobic paint, which essentially means stains are prevented from penetrating to provide easy cleanup and maintenance.
  4. Anti-Fungal: The best part of this anti-fungal paint is its effectiveness against the growth of fungus. That in turn makes your walls stronger than ever by producing an external protective film over the wall surface.
  5. Ultra-Low VOC: It is an ultra-low VOC product that ensures safe and healthy interiors. It does not emit harmful air polluting vapors & paint odour that causes eye irritation, headache. Near-zero odour while painting and after
  6. Best Bio-pack system: It is highly resistant to water and anti-fading formula. Surface and colors look uniform giving a beautiful finish to the wall for years
  7. Healthy interiors: Homeowners can settle in their houses immediately after painting. Prevents the possibility of serious diseases in the long run.

Bottom line:

The Wellness and Hygiene range from Nippon Paint is the easiest way to disinfect your walls without the hassles that other ways have. This is what we want in our homes, to be free from the bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms that live within the walls. It is a matter of safety for all members of our family.

The process of painting your walls which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property is easy and safe that ensures clean indoor air. Along with protecting your home walls, all you need is the proper equipment, as well as some basic household cleaning supplies. With the right equipment and the best Nippon Paint, you can protect yourself and your family against diseases, illnesses, and other germs.

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