Living room is the space where most of the time is spent, and the space which creates the first impression in the minds of guests who visit. It invariably becomes the most important interior space and has to be carefully decorated, especially the choice of paint colour. The trend of having colour combinations for home in all interior spaces has caught on with almost all home owners. Colour combinations for home in the living room also reflects the personalities of those who own the space. 

While bold combinations bring out the outgoing and vibrant personalities, minimalistic and subtle shades are classy and composed. Colour combinations for home, specifically the living room, has to be carefully chosen with all these aspects in mind.  

With that said, the following are some of the most popular colour combinations for living room in homes. 

best colour combination nippon paint

Shades of the earth 

The root of human living space is the earth. What better than drawing inspiration from herself? Shades of dark brown like Crete Barrel (NP N 1821 D) inspired from soil, green like Green Pod (NP BGG 1793 G) from leaves, subtle touches of pastel to provide mild contrast is a colour combination for home to die for. This earthy vibe can be matched with room accessories and furniture in similar shades to carry the theme. This colour combination for home is quite popular among households that have both small and large living spaces. Personalities who prefer to maintain an aesthetic yet raw look in their living room, this combination should be your go to.

Blue and yellow 

This is the perfect combination to show contrasting shades in all their glory while still complementing each other. This emits positivity and love all through the living room. The blue can be a classic dark blue shade like Circuit Blue (NP AC 2102 A) and then a subtle light-yellow like Sunray (NP YO 1114 A) to achieve this vibe. Another advantage of this colour combination for home is that the accessories can be of both dark and light shades, depending on the person choosing. A fully white furniture set up or the opposite of a fully dark brown set up can go with this combination.  

red golden colour combination nippon paint

Red and golden 

Keeping red as a living room shade is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when combined with gold, it provides a royal look and enhances a simple living room into a luxurious one. While red shade like Sashay Red (NP R 1260 A) remains the dominant colour in this colour combination for home, pops of golden like Evergold (NP YO 1099 D) beautifully complement the red, completing the look. The pops of golden can either be in spaces like frames of windows or on pillars and beams. This is one of the most satisfying looks for your living room. 

apple green red colour combination nippon paint

Apple green and Red 

A classic never goes out of trend. Green like Going Green (NP BGG 1631 A) and red like Fashion Red (NP R 1247 A) have been one of the most preferred colour combinations for home in interior design and fashion. A perfect blend of both or with one shade dominating the other, this versatile combination gives space for the homeowners to play around with the equation. This emits positivity and pleasant vibes all around as both dark shades complement each other well. 

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Subtle neutrals 

If you prefer an underplayed tone and a subtle minimalistic vibe to your living room, neutrals are the way to go. Contrasted with dark furniture and accessories, neutrals reach a person’s heart irrespective of their personality. Neutrals give out a chill and laid-back energy while maintaining a classy vibe. Neutral shades like Braintree Road (NP N 1920 T)Cloud Formation (NP N 1971 P) in combination can provide a chic look to your living room proving to be the best colour combination for a home looking to come off as a calm environment. 

A living space is for both the homeowners and the visitors. It is important to consider both the individual personalities occupying the house and the impression the colour combination of the home would create in the minds of the guests. The above-mentioned combinations cater to a wide range of personalities and preferences, while keeping in mind the current trends. If you are looking to implement these or looking for more suggestions, reach to our experts at Nippon Paint India and get the best recommendations for your homes. 

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