What Is It

Those of you with kids at home can relate better than anyone to the number of scribbles and drawings that end up on the walls of your home. Why take this inherent joy away from them when there is an easy solution to help you have fun while also maintaining a tidy home. Stain repellent paint, as the name suggests, is a paint that can hold out against the absorption of stains on its surface as well as discolouration. In simpler terms, it can withstand dirt and stains from affecting its overall appeal. Being a stain repellent paint, it also protects your walls from minor mishaps, dust, dirt, water stains, oil stains, etc., leaving you with fresh, clean walls every day.

Stain Repellent Paint

How It Works

Before getting into the workings of the paint, let us first eliminate the factors in them that lead to staining. Foremost is the finish and texture of the coating. Low sheen paints with flat and(or) matte finishes are more prone to discolouration. Paints on porous surfaces, and those with fewer layers, especially without an initial coating of primer, are also a few other vital components that lead to easy staining. Having said that, stain repellent paints are naturally those with higher sheen and acrylic emulsion qualities. Acrylic emulsion paints are used as an additive to improve wearability, washability, and resistance to fungi and algae. Using an undercoat of primer is also recommended as it increases the number of layers, thereby reducing absorbability, while also filling in porous areas creating a suitably levelled surface.

Best Possible Solution

Sounds like there is a lot on your plate? A never ending checklist? Not to worry! With Nippon Paint Stain Glo Prime, all your problems have come to an end. A luxury acrylic emulsion paint for your interiors, formulated to impart high sheen, washability, and stain resistance, that ensures a safe and healthy space for you and your family. Being antibacterial with low VOC, it is an all rounder of a coating to trust in completely without further thought.

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