Interior paint colours for home are an integral part of décor, and can be a make or break. They have to be chosen with several aspects in mind, like theme, mood, accompaniments like furniture, etc. The array of choice now available makes it even harder for homeowners to choose the colour, shade, sheen, and so on, because you are setting up the mood of the house for years to come.

While deciding the colours and the colour combinations is a task in itself, choosing which one goes into which room of the house is a whole another ballgame. This is why we stepped in to help you with the top 8 interior paint colours for your home.

Here is the list:

interior paint colours for your home for nippon paint

Living room


A subtle interior paint colour for home like Pueblo Peach (NP R 1362 P) ensures a calm and peaceful environment in the living room. This can be made versatile by choosing to do an accent wall with peach, or by coating all the interior walls with it in the living room. This can be best complemented by furniture in dark shade of the same colour scheme like dark pink or red.


Yellows, mustards, oranges are often seen as accent walls with contrasting combinations in the living room as interior paint colours for homes these days. One quirky interior paint colour for your home from this palette is Marsh Marigold (NP YO 1156 D). It looks timeless and classic when combined with royal blue shade, and matched with simple furniture.



Purple is a popular choice for kitchen. It keeps the kitchen light and airy, allowing it to bask in the natural light from outside. An interior wall paint colour like Purple Heather (NP PB 1458 T) is one way to keep the kitchen ambience alive at all times. This interior wall paint colour for home can be matched with white or can be used on all walls. The secret is to have pops of white and keep it minimal throughout to accentuate the purple.


Gray is a classic kitchen colour as it blends in perfectly with all the designs and backgrounds in the kitchen area. A shade like Dinosaur Gray (NP N 2042 P) takes a backseat and does not overwhelm the designs and colours of the kitchen cabinet, stone walls, etc. It also sets a cool tone maintaining a subtle environment. Gray is also versatile in being used in combination with other interior wall paint colours for home or by itself.

Dining room


Dining room is an intimate space meant for family and conversations. A neutral shade like Roxbury Brown (NP N 1891 D) can be a balancing interior wall paint colour to match the personalities of everyone in the family. This can be highlighted using off white or cream shades as contrasting combinations for interior wall paint colour for home. Adding furniture would only enhance the beauty that brown carries.


Green is an interior wall paint colour for home that can be combined with white or peach to bring a flamboyant ambience to the dining room. A shade like Campus Green (NP BGG 1729 A) makes the room feel like royalty and gives an antique vibe. Using neutral tones in furniture and curtains would complete the whole look of the room. Ultimately, green is the perfect interior wall paint colour that ties the whole room together.



While blue can be used in any room, a shade like Blue Puff (NP BGG 1578 P) brings an icy cold vibe to the bathroom. This tranquil vibe is much needed for a bathroom. This goes well with white bath tub and a designer wash area. This light shade of blue is the most researched interior wall paint colour for home in the past year, and we are not surprised at all.


Fresh and clean is the best way to describe white. If these are the words you want to associate your bathroom with, white should be your go-to colour. A simple, basic choice offering a lot more to the room as an interior wall paint colour for home. While a lot of homeowners break their heads over which colour and shade to choose, white stands there giving you the best vibe and as the perfect interior wall paint colour for home.

If you are someone confused about what choices of interior wall paint colour for home to make for each of your rooms, feel free to reach our experts at Nippon Paint India and let them guide you in the best possible way.

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